Why is my sister so weird?

Okay, my sister is so different. She wants to be a writer or journalist, and while she is talented at writing, isn't it a dying career since we are in the internet age? Also it's not just that,she doesn't take care of herself. She had bad teeth (part of it is she has bad enamel because of... Show More

Another question, is it okay that she thinks she isn't normal and is okay with it. She says that the reason her and my mom fight is because she wants my sister to be normal, and my sister says she isn't normal.
Also, she once again said she isn't happy being fat, but accepts it, and always yells at mom for wanting her to be skinny and "normal". So she likes being wierd. Why?

Most Helpful Girl

  • Weird doesn't have to be bad. To people that are into arts and writings, telling them that they need to be normal is probably the worst thing to do. There is a difference from being health and unhealthy of course. The first step in helping your sister to making better choice in what she puts in her body, never criticize her. You will just push her away. My boyfriend's sister is just like this. I know its cause of the way her mom raised her, she never wanted her to grow up or have responsibility. This girl sits on the computer 24/7 and she just turned 20. Doesn't have a job and no college. They are just now trying to get her be responsible, and to do stuff around the house. That is something that you have to be taught your whole life. You can't just except someone to learn in one day. You have to show patients, no anger, and lead from examples. You and your mom are just gonna have to sit her and talk. If you want her to eat to healthier then everyone in the house has to eat healthier. She is not a lost cause; she just needs love and motivation.