I've caught my boss looking at me what does this mean?

I've got a new boss. I've caught him looking at me and felt Butterflies from his looks. What does this mean? This has happened twice. Is he interested in me? He has also come over and touched me on the shoulder. Now when I look at him he looks away. What does this mean?

Now this weird dance is going on. He looks at me, I look away. I look at him, he looks away! I have to work with this guy on a daily basis. Today he waved at me when he was walking by. I was in a meeting with six other people. I did not wave back.
Do I need to get another job? Or can I try and ignore him and never look at him?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Do not date your boss, that is a big no-no

    what happens when things go south? ewwwwww, your job could be in jeopardy. Don't do it!

    He is looking away? you know why? Its called "I am afraid of a sexual harassment suit" I may sound like I am being sarcastic or funny, but it is the truth. He is looking away because he is smart and knows better.

    Do not, I repeat, Do not date people in the workplace. Especially if they are your boss. Your job is for business only and leave it that way, or you will be truly sorry.

    It is unfortunate that two people that clearly have interest in each other cannot make a move, but be wise, you have to know it isn't going to turn out well.