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Girls shaking their butts while pulling up pants?

Why do girls do this?

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  • The tight pants thing is really the key here. If you want to understand it, put on something tight. Do it with shaking and then without. You'll get how much easier it becomes if you shake it a bit.

What Girls Said 11

  • our pants are made to be tight in areas where guys' pants arent. especially if a girl as thicker thighs (like me) you have to do it just to get them to go on easy.

  • Our pants are tight there for we have to shake to get the pants on, if we don't our butts are showing.

  • haha funny question. it makes it much easier to shake when the pants are tight.

  • cuz usually that's the only way to get them up. haha I no it sounds weird but girls pants are usually tight and you have to move around to get them on.

  • it is easier to get our pant on if we are wearing tight pants it also helps to adjust

  • our pants are more formfitting and so we have to move our bodies some to get into them. it makes things easier than just pulling them straight up. we don't do it just to do it

  • its we like to wear tight pants and its hard to get into the jeans of put them back up without a little movement

  • Cause we can. It's just a way to get guys to look. See it worked on you.

    • So you do it to get a guys attention?

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    • Haha I never thought something as simple as pulling up your pants could make a girl feel sexy

    • You'd be amazed.

  • We're wearing tighter pants, so we need to shimmy into them. :P

  • tight pants. that's it, if we have tight pants its a lot easier to get then up if we.shake :)

What Guys Said 3

  • maybe her butt's fat,and her pants are tight?lol

  • Try wearing a glove that's too small and you'll understand why they wiggle so much squeezing into those tight pants.

  • Their pants are tight, so they shake their pants, not their butts, to get the pants up. The butt shaking is a side-effect of putting on tight clothing.

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