For the guys....Does weight really matter?

This one is mainly for the guys...But girls state your opinions too :] So girls are so self conscious about themselves. We always have to look good, because if were not then we will be judged. But the one thing that guys always come too is our weight. So the question is...Does weight really matter?


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  • weight doesn't matter, it's how you carry yourself. I spent most my life obese/overweight and I'll tell, HEALTHY is what to go for. guys can't look at you and guess how much you weigh. they can look at you and see how good you look. I know girls who are considered obese based on BMI and blah, blah, blah but these girls are gorgeous, bodies are nice and curvy, some even have flat stomachs, but thicker hourglass figures. your weight is PERCEIVED based on how your body is shaped.

    200 pounds on a 4'11 girl is a lot differ from a 5'10 girl. athletic girls are heavier with muscle, but can be completely toned and stick thin girls are skinny, but be completely out of shape (and some guys truly like a FIT girl versus a thin one).

    if you're not happy in your skin, it's a turn off anyway. you have to be comfortable in your body, and hell, you may even convince a man that what he THOUGHT was hot no longer matters because YOU changed his mind lol I know guys who are dating bigger girls that they used to laugh at because she was so sexy and confident that he had to get her. personality really does help with attractiveness too.

    regardless of all that, if you feel unhealthy, do something about it. it feels great to take care of yourself as opposed to worrying about what others are thinking about you. those people don't matter at the end of the day. fall in love with yourself first and then let the guy love happen when it happens. you need to FEEL healthy and BE active. it's not easy, trust me, but it's not impossible and remember to DO IT FOR YOU! nobody else!

  • Sometimes it does

  • Men care very much about looks & weight, don't believe them if they tell you otherwise...

  • HAHAHAHA! Wow guys must be very into this topic with 130 answers. I was reading the answers on here and laughing but at the same time wanting to vomit! I've been dieting on and off for 4 years and I went through a long stage of depression and gained a good amount of weight, so what? I can lose it which is what I'm working on right now. I honestly am not to worried about it, what happens when you have kids and your wife has that baby fat? What are they going to do not be attracted to her? I have no problem getting guys and I'm at my highest weight, and lots of skinny guys like me. Sure size matters for a lot of guys but for some it doesn't. All I can say is do what's best for you and screw everyone else.

  • I think it does. Not every girl is a stick, nor does every guy like a stick. All guys have different preferences, and we are all different shapes and sizes. However, the general consensus is that most guys prefer a girl who is in shape. What I mean by this is a girl who tries her best to stay thin. Not everybody will be a size 4, but I think most guys would prefer a girl who exercises, eats fairly healthy, and is within a normal looking weight range-not majorly overweight or underweight. Some guys are shallow and only want size 00 type girls, and I also notice that guys often say they like a girl with XYZ proportions, a certain colored hair, eyes, height, etc...and then will find a girl who does not match their "list" but is attractive nonetheless. The most important thing is to just stay healthy, take care of yourself. Don't overeat or undereat, try to exercise within healthy limits as often as possible, and just take care of your entire body-skin,hair,face, the works. If you look and feel good, you will radiate confidence which is also important and very sexy. In fact, I think many guys would be far more attracted to a pretty, glowing girl who is normal-sized, takes care of herself well and radiates confidence and a healthy glow, compared to some size 00 hair-dyed overly-made up trashy anorexic chick.

  • sometimes I get confused though because I'm big and some guys say I'm fat and others say I'm curvy or chubby and some make me seem like I'm overweight if I told you how much I weigh but then you looked at me you wouldn't believe me kinda brolic I guess strong shoulders legs and arms what would that make me?

    and weight doesn't matter it depends on the guy. a lot of jerks say fat girls can't get hot guys but uumm every guy I have ever been with or had the chance to be with have always been hot ,smart, talented and all of that .

    us girls stress things way too much the guy that we are sposed to be with will like us for who we are why bother with the guys who don't matter and will eventually break our hearts?

  • I can handle a lot of flaws, but I've always been turned off by obesity. I don't mind if a man has a little extra weight, but not too much. Weight is just the one preference I have. I think it okay to have this preference because unlike other flaws we have, weight is something people can control, most anyway. I just like men too look healthy, they don't have to have a 6-pack & blazing pecs, just be healthy. I also don't like men that anorexic, but not as many men suffer from this as women.

  • yes. a girl should focus on becoming HEALTHY before worrying about a guy. seriously. being fat is not healthy whatsoever and is a seriouis health risk..not to mention its gross

  • you can lose weight but you can't lose ugly.. so weight doesn't matter to me.. beauty does :)

  • women don't care much about these, but men do. My ex dating guy, lie to me telling he was single, after months being with me he dump me by text, then I found he was always engaged, when I saw his ex on a picture she was kind of a chubby girl, but also he was chubby. I am skinny, but in good proportion. While I was with him, he always told me he liked me a lot, but after he dump me I realize he just liked me physically and just for sex. I don't know if he really loved his fiance, I think no, because if he really loved him he would not care if she was chubby or at least respect her if he really love her... I think that when you really love someone you don't care if she is chubby and you respect him or her, and you don't cheat him or her with another person several times

  • I am 160 lbs. And 5'1...I guess guys don't think that I am fat they tell me that I a nice thick body. And one guy said that I have body fat in all the places...But seriously doesn't matter because a long as you think that you are the matta f***en princess(confidence is key) than you're good I not saying that you don't have to work out. I don't know for me I still think I fat so I still loosing some weight...and when you loose weight your body feels better...And also if find clothes that fit your body type..Like for example I have a curvy body like coke body figure so its hard to find blouses that have that shape and for the pants I have a big butt so I buy one size bigger for my butt.

  • Honestly, as long as a guy looks good, I don't care how much he weighs.

  • Nope, weight doesn't matter to most guys, my ex used to say that he liked me being skinny, but that he wouldn't mind if I put on some more.

    To girls, well I can only speak for myself, I don't like it if girls are out of shape, because I think that they should know better...

  • We do what we do to ourselves because of the images that the media embeds into our heads about what looks good & what doesn't. In all reality, women of all different shapes and sizes are sexy/beautiful, & every woman should love themselves the way they are. In my opinion, size does not matter. As long as you're happy with who you are, who give a rats ass what anyone else thinks. Just don't be afraid to be yourself! & If a guy judges you harshly for the way you look, then they're not worth the time of day anyway. Any guy worth even being around would learn to accept you as you are.

  • listen just because a girl is heavy doesn't mean she doesn't take care of herself and isn't in shape. When I was young I never worked out and I ate whatever I wanted! I smoked never exercised and ate what ever crap I felt like eating, but because I was skinny guys liked me. Well, as I've gotten older my metabolism has changed and I am overweight now. But I take exceptional care of myself, I eat well and exercise HARD! I run five miles a day, can do fifty guy pushups and I like to lift weights. When I work out, I run guys into the ground! Because of my metabolism I can work out for hours without getting tired! Nothing I do changes the fact that I am heavy now. But because I am heavy you guys assume that I am lazy, sloppy, and don't take care of myself! You don't know what the hell your talking about. Most of the skinny girls you think are in shape never work out and eat cookies for breakfast and pizza for lunch! If you don't like the look of heavy girls that's fine, I don't like skinny out of shape guys; but don't assume just because a girl is heavy she is lazy and doesn't care about how she looks.

  • it's a bit of an old qestion dose weight matter, I think that if your happy in yourself, and healthy than your the right weight :) if you can run, sprint and swim your not to big :) but vice versa I wouldn't date a fat guy , so why would they date a fat girl, its pritty double standards to say guys judge.. but were the same

  • I'm very active! I weigh 130 I'm 5'6 small and curvy. My measurments are 34-23-33. I'm very curvy with a super tiny waist but I love running and lifting weights. I'm pretty toned and I love my flat tummy. I like my body and I will find a guy that is fit like me too. Guys usually like girls that have the same physical stature as themselves! I love not being stick thin. Big boobs and butts are very attractive! Don't be self concious! Shake watcha mama gave ya!

  • what I wonder, is why a lot of guys say weight doesn't matter, its all about personality. yet, they always go for the skinny petite girl.

    im 140 lbs and I don't think I'm fat, but I'm certainly not small.

    i wonder this many times too, because I feel that I have big hips, and it makes me look fat. I have many friends who are (not to be mean) fat, but they wear smaller jean sizes.

    so what does a guy consider "too big/fat" to date"?

  • This is a good question. I am a young girl, a very fit girl as well. And I gained weight because I signed up for weight training (a work out kinda class) I wanted to get stronger lol . So I gained about 10 pounds in muscle. My thighs have gotten a ton stronger, but also a little bigger. now when I walk my thighs jiggle a little :) lol, but the boys make fun! I don't know what it is, I guess it depends on the person. because the boys I know are allll d***s. but to me, weight doesn't matter as long as they are healthy. :)

  • it all has to do about the way it looks. I weight 180. but I don't look it. and plus I have really big breast (36DDD) I'm curvy and I have thick in the thighs and no one has really ever not dated me because I'm thick.bigger is sexier hun.

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    I think the media has the female perspective so screwed up it is ridiculous! How heavy is too heavy? How thick is too thick? Do guys like thick or skinny girls? You never hear people say, "How healthy is too healthy?". Today people are so fixated on looking thin and loosing weight that they loose focus on the health aspect of their personal image, or their body image.

    What is body image? Body image is a multidimensional construct or an idea that reflects how you see your own body. Many and most people today experience body image disturbances even if they are not aware of it. Body image disturbances are inaccurately perceived images that you may see as you are looking in the mirror . There are four body image dimensions which are perceptual, cognitive, effective, and behavioral. I will not go into depth on these right now, but that should give people something to look up if it sounds like something they are experiencing. My minor is Exercise Science, so I had to put some of that out there.

    Do guys say, " Look at that fat/heavy chick, I'd tap that"? No, and I hate when guys say crap like that. No, guys do not typically go for girls who unfortunately have an abnormally high Body Mass Index (BMI). That is not something most guys look for in a girl. Do guys want the thin, twig like supermodels? Absolutely not, that is disgusting and the media has it all wrong across the boards! Personally, I like girls who are in shape and make a real conscious effort to stay in good shape. Being physically active is not a choice, its a lifestyle. Most guys like their women to be healthy and last time I checked, heavy and fat are not new slang terms for healthy.

    So not to be shallow. But yes, weight does matter. And unless it is a result of a Thyroid condition, you can always improve your physical condition and get into better shape. Women should really stop asking this question. It is unfair and just make us guys look bad and shallow minded. If some sweaty, stinky, overweight guy walked up to an attractive girl and asked for her number, we all know there is most likely no chance in hell he will be successful. Girls often ask men as well, "If I gained weight and got fat, would you still love me". That is a horrible and unfair question to ask a boyfriend or a spouse! Love is also respect, and how can we (men) respect you if you do not respect yourself. Someone who respects and cares about themselves will take care of their body and continue a healthy lifestyle.

    Finally, yes weight is huge...Literally! And it should matter just as much for the women asking this question as the men looking or not looking. Yes, beauty is only skin deep and in the eyes of the beholder. Everyone has their own idea of beauty and definition of what beauty looks like or if it is about looks at all. That is your call as an individual. Weight does matter, but as long as you are healthy anything some asshole says about your weight is irrelevant.

    • Love your body, because its the only one God gave you!

      = )

  • Fastest way for a guy to avoid you is become obese or really overweight. Nothing clicks in many guys that makes the attraction. Its just not there. That goes for both guys and girls though. Weight is the biggest turn off of them all. That's just how it is mostly in society.

  • Yes. For most it does. Just how a girl wants a skinny guy, a guy wants a skinny girl. If you have just a tad bit extra, that's fine, but if it's "rolls", it's just disgusting.

  • To me. Yes it does. Can't think of nything worse than cushin' for th pushin'. my partner is toned, with a hot athletic body with a nice firm defined stomach so she looks awesome in a bikini.

    And to the guy who said 'physical relationships don't last'...its been 6 years and my dream girl is my fiancee. Its not being shalow. Its having a preference.

  • For guys, it is nice to be able to NOT have to lie to you daily about your appearance. We will lie to appease you for the sake of love and relationship and family and whatnot, but it would be NICE not to.

    In my advanced age I maintain a V-shaped figure, good muscle mass, good rate of metabolism. No 6-pack or crazy blobs of muscles everywhere, but very much in shape. I have the discipline to eat well and exercise to keep that up for life. The bottom line is, this should be the norm. I am in the top 10% of body appearance in my age group and I should not be.

    Make it a priority to get into the top shape of your life and stay there, and the way I look at it, even if I am so pathetically off it is completely irrelevant, at the absolute very least, you would be in the top shape of your life. :-) :-) :-)



  • NO! I've been in love with my girlfriend since we were just friends in high school, & I've seen her working out & rock solid, a little chubby, & heavy enough to wear plus sizes, & I've NEVER thought of her as ANYTHING BUT BEAUTIFUL...

  • Extremes in either direction suck, but I find myself more empathetic with anorexics than obese people. I guess because being the former is harder work than the latter?

    blah, nvm this post

  • It matters if the girls is unhealthily obese, sure. But if she's just carrying a little extra poundage? That's never been a concern of mine. To me, it's a sign that the girl knows how to party, enjoys a beer, and possibly a good steak. She will never order salad, then spend half the meal stealing food from my plate. Rather, she'll probably know the best place to go for ribs on a Thursday night, and where I can get the best cheese cake in town.

    I love a girl who's happy in her own skin, and who'll never start a fight by asking "Does this make my ass look big?"

  • i don't think weight matters, like its not like we see the number on the scale and get grossed out. its the apperance because some girls have thick thighs (sexy) so there weight is higher or you know a big ass and what not , that stuff adds weight

    so I guess it all depends where the weight is

    hope I helped

  • Yes and no

    Man want smokin hot girl = probably wants a physical relationship And it will probably be a short term relationship too.

    However in the future a man won't care much because most men want a women who will be good wifes who who will be good moms. But men do need something to catch there eye 90% of the time to want to get to know a girl.

  • I admit, I like skinny girls, always have. That being said focussing on the scale is the wrong way to go about it. Me I like athletic girls; they often have more muscle tone than average girls and because of that will weigh more. That will not even be something I notice. Do I care about weight, yes, but not the number, just the appearance. That means you shouldn't be ashamed weighing 60 kg or whatever, my thoughts on you aren't going to change if it turns out you weight 20 kg more than I estimated. I go by how you look. Also there is not an ideal weight to aim for, once you're within a certain range, then you're good. If you're at a nice size and you're standing next to your friend who's 1 dress size below you, chances are if we're comparing, we've moved on to other features.

  • Long as she has an active lifestyle, it really doesn't matter to me at all.

  • It doesn't matter unless you're attractive.

  • PArtly so. I don't want to be with someone that will smother me. A sterio-type **I** think is true; "females are insecure about their weight". I wouldn't be praising you if I didn't believe it myself - that's my rule of thumb.

  • Not really but curvy to chubby women are dead sexy. I would rather be the skinny one in the relationship.

  • Im just gonna say how it is. I don't mind a thin girl, But I still want some cooshin for the pushin.And honestly it doesn't matter how you are if you got game.

  • I'll be totally honest here. I like a girl who looks healthy. What that means is she's not stick thin and looks ill but then she doesn't look like she eats way more than her body needs for her lifestyle.

    Personally, I have a reasonably active lifestyle and like to stay in shape, so I'm attracted to women who also like to eat a bit healthy (not all the time) and exercise in which ever way works for them. It's a turn off if the girl does no exercise at all, it's unnatural and lazy.

    And no, this doesn't mean I only go for Miranda Kerr/Jennifer Hawkins/Jessica Alba/Jessica Biel types of women. I LOVE a woman with curves :)

    • you like a fit woman.

  • Most guys prefer that your breasts stick out further than your belly.

    That's the general preference because some girls are just thick, with some fat around their legs that makes them look sexy, regardless. I prefer voluptuous women, and sometimes voluptuous women have a bit of a belly, which isn't back since it mostly flattens up when they're lying on their back.

  • Yes, weight does matter. Guys do not want a girl who is overweight. That is a fact of reality - and it's understandable. What you should also know is guys don't want a girl who is too skinny. A guy wants a girl he's attracted to, one who looks healthy, etc.

    And likewise, women want a guy who is in shape too. Yes, perhaps some women are willing to settle for a guy who is out of shape moreso than some men - that's true. But at the end of the day, you can't fault guys for wanting a woman that they are attracted to.

    Women don't need to be supermodels. But being in shape is something that is a good thing to strive for.

    What attracts a guy to a girl? -> link

    Are guys intimidated by pretty girls? -> link

    Why do girls like outgoing guys? -> link


    - Evan

  • Kind of...

    It matters a lot if you want a girlfriend just to show off for your friends, but if you want a real partner, then it doesn't matter that much. Still, it matters, because what will make the first impression is how you look, so if you're too skinny or too fat, it could ruin some first impressions. What is important is that you look healthy lol

  • I'm more concerned about their BMI, body fat percentage, any medical conditions they may or may not have. If I approve all of these factors on a woman I would consider dating her.

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