I swear sometimes I just feel like giving up...

I swear sometimes I just feel like giving up...

I'm not going to lie, I have many days when I feel uncertain. When I ask myself, “is this even worth it?”, “Am I wasting my time if this doesn't work out?”.

I know I'm not the only one in this same predicament, specially when you always preach to people to “stay present”, “don't be outcome oriented”, “you can do anything you set your mind to”.
But then you look at the results you're getting and you start questioning your own philosophy and beliefs.

Despite all of that, I know deep down this is part of the process to success.

This is how life separates the wanna-bes from the one's that truly want it. Because if you really are passionate about a goal, you'll go the lengths achieve your goal. The thought of not having your goal is so painful that it naturally drives you back to the road to success.

That's what success is all about! Not giving up. Despite all of the problems and all of the turmoil, it's understanding that is part of the process.

Why do you think so many people aren't successful? Because when the going gets tough (which is almost inevitable), the ones who are in it for the praise, recognition, or money, they will naturally die out.

But when it's your passion, when it's something you can't live without. When you understand that the next option is absolutely below your standards, that's whats going to drive you towards success.

Whenever you're feeling down or as though you can't do it, rather than self loathing and feeling bad for yourself, take action!

Find books, articles, blogs, and people to talk to to help you recenter yourself.

The way I look at it is this way: I know that one day this is going to make a killer story whenever I'll be telling my story of how I became a millionaire. I want to have a spicy story, mixed with roller coaster of emotions in order to prove to people that they, as well, can be successful.

Yes, I embrace being present to the moment, but I also embrace a view that's totally opposite of being present. I imagine myself in the future being successful and retelling all of the shit I went through.

Now, I'm not doing it from a knee jerk reaction to my circumstantial because then that's simply reacting. What I'm doing is seeing what's wrong, observing it, accepting it, and then smiling about it because I know that one day in the future I'm going to be talking about this. It will help those in the same situation.

And the more shit I go through, the more I'll learn and the more people I'll be able to relate to.


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