How to move on from a relationship with no closure: "Ain't no sunshine when she's gone"

Ain't no sunshine when she's gone.  How to move on from a relationship with no closure.

Ok. This one is for those who feel they got no closure. That is, they were unjustly blocked out. Completely ignored by their ex after breaking up. This is a painful process, learning to move on knowing you're shunned. Abandoned, or whatever heart stabbing feeling you might get. Know that you can control your circumstances and even use this painful experience as a stepping stone. Think of it as something ends while something begins. I found the following ways to cope.

1) It sucks. I know. Buddy, a rut is a rut. Doesn't matter what anyone calls it. You need to figure certain key things. First of all, don't lock yourself out. Don't isolate yourself because your ex isolates you. Get out and work out. Great way to beat the blues is to get the blood pumping.

2) DO NOT stalk your ex. I know the feeling being cut off can be infuriating. But honestly, it's just not worth it and you feel terrible about yourself later on anyway.

3) Share your heartbreak with your close friends. Family's always better. Even if your relationship was a secret. After all if your family won't understand you. Who will?

4) Get a makeover. A haircut is cool. Nothing like a physical statement to boost your ego.

5) Be honest to yourself. Yes you're sad and miserable. There's no shame in admitting it. Tell yourself, you live well in the best way you possibly can.

6) Something ends, something begins. Life is an epic romantic adventure. Believe big. Live big. A million adventures is still to less for a lifetime. And its still to short.

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  • I always felt talking to your ex afterwards prolongs the pain. No contact hurts for a while but once it ends you have moved on.

    • If only all people felt that way. Unfortunately I know one who drove himself to death. Obsession is so dangerous. And this man had his whole life ahead of him. What a waste.

    • I agree the only reason ex's stay in touch is normally as one wants to get back together and the other wants them there as a back up if they don't find anyone else.

    • @purpleglitter8661 Normally the exs getting back together usually spells disaster.

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