How to Move On From Someone


Relationships don't last forever.

From the moment you start dating someone in the back of your mind you know that...Even if you don't want to think about it. Right now, your relationship ended and you probably are a mess, but you shouldn't be. Something old ended, something new is about to start.

A relationship can end in many ways, sometimes it can be done more smoothly others more painfully.

Either way it's done. And now you need to move on.

(This is how I personally do it, though I reraly catch feelings because of my bad mental health)

This is 'How to move on from someone'

1. Don't torture yourself and accept it.

How to Move On From Someone

Stop thinking how it could have been if things were different. Stop thinking how it could have been if him/her or you were different. What is done it's done, it can't be changed and most importantly it happened for a reason. Stop torturing yourself with thoughts that could have never been reality. You guys are done, you may hav feelings for him/her but something lead this situation and you should accept that this is how things are now. Accept that this is good for you,cause you'll find someone else that treats you the way you deserve to be treated. Accept that your-self must be your first priority and you didn't deserve to be hurt.

2. Take time to yourself.

How to Move On From Someone

Lay down, sleep, eat, watch movies, cry, scream, get angry, murder a pillow...

Take a day off or two not more and do whatever you want to do so you can release the first heavy part of your feelings. Call your friends, talk about it with whoever you feel comfortable sharing it with. You deserve just a little bit of time to pass through this "I-want-to-stay-home-and-die' phase. None will blame you for doing it, but you must not let your loneliness shallow you. Staying home evryday doing nothing when you are sad is addicting, and that's why you have to do it only for a very little time.

3. Tell him whatever you want to tell him/her just to take it out of your system.

How to Move On From Someone

Take it all out, everything that annoyed you in him/her, everything that hurt you. Say it to his/her face, give yourself the satisfaction that these things won't be just in your thoughts anymore, these things won't hunt you because you never said them out loud. Let yourself free from the anger,from the sadness,from the pain that this person caused you. Instantly when you do that, you'll feel like a huge rock have been lifted up from your chest.

4. Cut all the contact.

How to Move On From Someone

Cut all the possible contact.

• Block them on social media.

• Block their number.

• Delete all the photos, all the messages of you two.

• Stay away from him/her and people around them.

Help yourself move on from them. They aren't part of your life anymore, and now it's time to forget all about them until you are ready to deal with their existence.

5. Live your everyday life and do things that make you happy.

How to Move On From Someone

He/she wasn't your whole life, it may seemed that way but it's not. There are so many things you enjoyed before him/her. Remember things that you loved doing and start again,it's never too late. Life goes on, and with it we move on as well. Don't let your future go because of your past, someone once said. You shouldn't stop living the 'now' just because you are hurt of the 'before', don't let yourself go.

6. Find someone else.

How to Move On From Someone

Love isn't something that will come only once to every person's entire life. There is someone out there that is meant for you. The best way to get over love, is to fall in love again. Don't shut out everyone up just because he/she hurt you, not everyone is like that. Don't close your options.



How to Move On From Someone
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Gedaria
    It is a difficult time. My life has been hit with 3 disasters my first wife went off with another guy, second my 5th daughter and her died in a accident , and my second wife died of breast cancer. All are things out of my control but how do you carry on.
    First wife well that was inevitable she want a son I kept giving her daughters 4 in total, When she walked I was left with them , it was good because we didn't have her negativity to deal with. Daughter 5 , it may seem strange but I thought she was her sister (adopted) we met on holiday had a romance had sex once, I didn't even know that we were totally drunk. We met up years later and got to be good friends. I thought we would marry but we never did , she went to live in Canada with work. When I heard they had died I had just got married.
    Thankfully I had my wife to keep me together , it nearly killed me. But as I was getting my sanity back , we got the news of her cancer coming back. This time it was terminal 9 months she was given we had her for nearly 11 . They say you can plan when you know your time is short it still hurts when it finally happens.
    If I had been on my own I would have killed myself but my girls gave me hope, there were a couple of times when I did try , but I was always pulled back , the last time I ended up in the hospital , and got a little annoyed with the staff why just couldn't let me go. But in reality I was just being selfish. With a lot of love and tablets and councelling I am still here...
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  • StrangerByTheDay
    Beautiful post as always!
    Angelic Sin strikes again 👍

    I must say that I agree with mostly everything, but what got my attention is the following sentence you have written in point number 6:
    "The best way to get over love, is to fall in love again." - you are right but the person falling apart should be aware not to fall for a "Rebound" relationship. Most of us have fallen into that trap the very first few times and it is worst than having a break up.

    Totally agree with you on the fact that we should get back to our own independent life and do what we used to do as "Single" person. Getting stuck in the past while the clock and world is moving forward is not healthy. We could potentially lock ourselves and become introvert for the rest of life time.

    Personally, I just go to the pub where a friend of mine works as a bar tender and enjoy talking to him letting everything out, besides, when other people join us at the bar stool it gets better and easier to let things off my chest.

    I must admit that I agree with @LegateLanius on his opinion as well.

    Again, thank you for sharing your great writing with us dear Angelic Sin 😊
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Most Helpful Girls

  • 1truekhaleesi
    Perfect timing for this my take because my boyfriend and I broke up a few days ago. At first I was sad, but I remember all the things that he did that really upset me and now I've accepted it. I'm taking time for myself right now. I've been watching movies, shopping, and drinking my favorite whisky. Next week I plan to go skydiving. Which was what I was planning to do for my birthday before he blew me off, so I cancelled the appointment. I just remade an appointment for myself. I tried online dating for like a day but I deleted all my accounts because I need time off from dating even if breaking up was the best thing to do.
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  • elizamichale2
    I think its better to tell them what you want and should get it done all for once and once you do then you shouldn't be killing yourself for it and shouldn't be so sad about it that it starts to affect your life and people around you
    Simply accept it and yes it won't be ao easy but you should engage yourself in different things more than normal routine just to avoid sad time and share yourself with a close friend to let your heart out and never ever miss on fun activities with friends and family coz it will help you a lot and eventually look for someone more suitable
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  • ArrowheadSW
    Good advice. Sometimes people just have to "move on" and it's not always personal. I was heartbroken once but the lady I was dating reconciled with her former boyfriend while we were dating. I took it too personal but for whatever reason she felt she should go back to him.
  • Mali411
    surround yourself with good friends and family.
    People who will listen and take your mind off of someone is key. Friends that will take you out, meet new people and have a good time, will be a good way to start.
    eventually it will get better... just don't sit too long and be sad, that just makes it harder.
  • thomas24
    Best advice would be disturb you self. Participate in a lot of activities, sports, classes, meet with friends family etc. get some new input and have a minimum of time to think about what has just happend.
    Time is a factor to consider, so disturb you self for some time - you have have another perspective on the breakup after a while.
  • wyldun
    be an adult not a whining child, life isn't all about how you feel, its about what you do with it. so you broke up, life goes on, time and life stop for no one, especially if you have to stop and whine about breaking up. be an adult, in charge of your life and emotions, being an emotional wreck over a break up means you werent mature enough to be in a relationship. 3 year olds aren't supposed to be dating
  • Nik1hil
    Yeah, that's why I don't play the game of love..
    I am strong. I can lift 30kgs with one hand and throw it easily.. I can Rash Ride.. I can wrestle..
    But my heart is a soap bubble.. Even the softest kiss will shatter it 😂😁😂🤣
  • Lance1965
    Good advice.

    People often blame themselves for a realtionship breaking apart but it is often the other person that is to blame. Stand tall, say fuck them and move on. Easier said than done I know but that is all you can do. Men and women move on in very different ways however. For most women they just jump into a new realtionship and block the old realtionship out of their mind and they do it all so easily.
  • yellowmamba024
    Mostly men have to move on from someone. Women don't have to do this very much. If they do, well, a lot of them can find someone else in the next second. Men can't, unless they hire a prostitute.
  • Logorithim
    This is good advice, nice Take. It's important to go cold turkey to recover unless the breakup was unsually amicable.
  • JudgmentDay
    It's sure tough for those that had gone through it. The thing I've recognized is that for those first time relationships, very few of those last very long or result in a marriage and a family, not that they can't but it seems rare. It can take multiple times, anywhere from 3 or even more relationships before somebody gets it right, but that's only if they really insist on trying to find that "right" person for themselves, and "believe" that they exist out there for them.

    It's either take your chances and gamble away with your emotions or simply don't even bother getting involved emotionally or otherwise with anybody else if you don't believe or think that it's worth the risks and troubles. Never have to worry or deal with "moving on" from someone, when you never had anyone at all in the first place.
  • CarpetDenim
    I don't think rebounding is a good way to "move on," but everything else I agree with
    i think the best way is knowing you were honest about what you wanted and trued your best. if tis is done and its truly over i see no reason moving on would be hard.

    I think its hard bc it feels unfinished bc people play games and when it comes back in their face they are haunted by how stupidly they behaved. the guilt and embarrassment make it hard.

    if you are true to them and to yourself, moving on should be easy enough if you are no longer wanted and yo did your best there is no earthly reason to not WANT to move on.
  • Wiedzmin
    Time. Time fixes everything as long as you choose to not stuck with your past. Because others move on too and noone is slave
  • CHARismatic110
    Nice Take. It's definitely easier said than done. Especially if your feelings were deep.
  • Desconhecida
    Your mytakes are actually becoming a guide for me LOL
  • LegateLanius
    All but 6 are understandable. Sometimes they need time before six is even considered.
  • JellyDonutguy96
    Me: I think we need to move on

    Her: Whaaaaat why?

    Me: because we'll miss the movie if we don't start the car,

    Her: oh ok then :)
  • TheDreamRunner
    Don't have a grudge and don't keep on whining like a small child, no one cares.

    And don't have a poor choice next time.
  • KermitDaFuccboii
    Getting everything out of your system seems like a horrible idea to me since no matter what that person did (as long as it's not as bad as rape, cheating, abuse, etc) you'll become the bad guy. It may feel better in the short term but eventually you'll realize that calling your previous partner a bunch of names to their face and initiating a shouting match will turn most people against you and make you feel lonely making it worse.

    And i may feel the same way about "Find someone else." depending on if you're talking about looking for your next partner as soon as possible or waiting until you get over the person you were just with. Your new partner will just be your rebound and the only reason you're with them is because it delays your heartbreak but if your rebound breaks up with you it's just become worse for you and you'll hurt that person's feeling because your mind is still on your ex and you won't be as serious about the new relationship that you're currently in.
  • SamLeeds
    The best way to get over somebody is to get under somebody else!
  • McKellar
    But that's over 1 person,... and you end up going through this cycle over & over & over & over again.
  • PrettyGirlChic
    I love the advice, but I think for me the best way to move on was for me to to put myself first and really love me
  • hammeronfire
    i will be doing all of these within the coming weeks :'(
  • Don't forget who you are before you met your SO. You're not nothing without them.
  • abed1217
    just continue my life its okay
    and find someone else
  • Alexandrianaleigh
    Great advice
  • Emmybaby05
    I've never had a boyfriend so I don't know yet
  • RedRobin
    Nice take
  • VaIiant
    Great Take
  • jacquesvol
    Avoid meeting the other and get a new passion
    I shart at #6 and go backwards.
  • Penelope_
    Nice take :)
  • BillieJean1070
    My feeling is there are lots of fish in the sea.
  • Psycho21924
    Nice take
  • 1nittol3arn
  • mrcrabs228
    Thanks i needed this lol
  • Mr_Jolly
    Thanks for the advice!
  • ThePundertaker
    This sounds familiar
  • Skali9119Liska
    That’s great
    just move on its not easy
  • Whall
    It's just hard
  • CT_CD
    Thanks. Now I can move on
  • JustAnotherGuy_45
    Really good take
  • Nice222
    Good take.
  • ტzmბ-ə
    I will find someone else that's right. Nice myTake
  • Revolver_
    I know how
  • Anonymous
    good tips
  • Anonymous
    good one
  • Anonymous
    average advice
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    🤔🤔🤔 nice post