Things to do after getting rejected

Things to do after getting rejected

1) Get out of his life unless you feel like you can arouse those feelings for her once again but it wouldn't be worth it. Find another guy that you like and try again. Please don't make rejection a big deal!

Things to do after getting rejected

2) Unfollow them on social media FB, instagram twitter it shows to them you have moved on and less visible reminders for you so you can cope better.

Things to do after getting rejected

3) Don’t care about gaining that extra pound from the B&J ice cream you shoved down, its better than going to alcohol.

Things to do after getting rejected

4) Listen to Adele to sulk up that rejection feeling

5) Don’t take it personally its not a personal attack and it isn’t your fault unless you cheated.

6) Use the rejection to improve on yourself- it could be an important wake up call

7) Talk to a friend about it Don`t dwell in the rejection too long

Things to do after getting rejected
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Most Helpful Guy

  • JudgmentDay

    Go to a bar or go to some liquor store and get lots of beer, wine or whatever your favorite alcoholic drink and then go home first all just to get wasted, just for the hell of it xD Just do it for once, it's alright.

    Make sure you take precautionary measures first, tell a friend or relative that you want to be responsible and have them come over and watch you as you get wasted and help clean up the mess you are probably gonna make, or even take you to the hospital if something goes wrong, at least you'll still come out of it all alive in the end. Getting wasted responsibly is my first, well, uh, not really serious idea xD LOL

    But seriously, forget about 'em, fuck 'em.

    You never really needed them and they never really needed you any way. Rejection is unavoidable that is just the reality of it all and you can and will get hurt at some point and that's not just for relationships but for other things like a job promotion, raise, position and various other thing you may be trying to register and apply for.

    You should be glad that you don't have to be miserable any more dealing with that other person's bullshit. Save all your expenses for your own needs and you have more control over your life at that point.

    Focus on other much more important matters, such as your very Own Survival, and cut off all contact from the person that rejected and hurt you. Change out your phone numbers, e-mails, maybe even social media accounts if you need to. Have no way for them to harass you and you don't bother ever looking for them again.

    You don't NEED a Relationship to survive, it's just something that if it worked and goes well, well then, good for you it's really just like a bonus. So good luck, but when it goes to shit, or about to goes to shit, better get real and just move on to something much more important. Such as your Health, Survival, or Family and your other friends that may also be bitter and shit because they had been rejected by others too.

Most Helpful Girl

  • lovemedammit

    DON'T listen to Adele. I read somewhere that 60% of people who listened to Hello ended up reaching out to their past lovers. If anything Adele will make you sulk about it because she sings about relationships. You should listen to other songs that don't talk about rejection, love, or relationships.

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  • Pacificblue62

    I got the double whammy harshly rejected and deleted/blocked off Facebook for asking her how her summer is. She's still somewhat despisable in my eyes even if it was a couple years back, even if I'm way over her.

  • Araya

    I completely agree except about the comfort food. There are healthier alternatives than that.

  • skeptic007

    how about you ask a different guy out keep asking its real easy

  • akadatank44

    Awesome take! 😊

    • RonG96

      It was aimed at girls mostly lol

    • Hey I like ice cream too! 😛

    • pavlove

      @RonG96 lol wow be grateful

      kids these days... geeze...

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  • thotramuss

    i will use that as my adventage

  • Anonymous

    I've been rejected before. It sucks. I even think about it up until this day. I'll never approach a guy ever again because of it.