5 Signs You Should Break Up

These are signs that you should reconsider when it comes to your relationship.

1. Abuse


This one seems like a no brainer. If you are being physically or emotionally abused by your partner you need to high tail it out of there.

2. They ignore you

5 Signs You Should Break Up

Not because they are busy, but they are seemingly purposely ignoring you. If they constantly have their phone in their hands and seem to reply to their friends but leaving you hanging for hours- there's a reason for that.

3. They just never have time for you

5 Signs You Should Break Up

Does it seem like you have to beg your partner to go on a date somewhere? Even going to the movies is a chore to them but there's no problem going to the clubs with friends... Feeling like you're not their priority, is a big hint that you should think about.

4. Only you make the first move

5 Signs You Should Break Up

Does your partner never reach out to you to see what you're doing? If they are indifferent and aloof in the relationship, having you to always make the first move then there's something fishy. Be it romantic gestures such as holding hands or simply calling or writing to the other person, if you're the only reaching out then I have bad news...

5. You don't feel loved


It's important in a romantic relationship to feel loved by your SO. The whole premise of love is simply spending time with each other, making each other happy in each other's company. If you feel like you're love in unrequited because of your partner's lack of effort.. Listen to your heart. Everyone deserves someone who loves them as much as they love that person.

Thanks for reading my first myTake. I may have made some formatting mistakes with the pictures but they're unimportant anyway :-)


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What Guys Said 1

  • I agree with what you said, most especially about abuse. For other problems, I think you left out a few essential steps: identify the problem, determine whether it is a problem which can be effectively addressed. discuss the problem with your partner, and evaluate their response to the discussion. All relationships will encounter problems at some point. The measure of a good relationship is how you respond to those problems. Breaking up may be the appropriate response but do try to work on things if there is any hope of salvaging the relationship, particularly of you have invested significant time and energy in your partner.

    • Good points. These signs are meant to be cues when your SO is repeatedly doing these things and doesn't make an effort to resolve the issue. This article is mainly for those who feel obligated to stay in an unhappy relationship when they need the little push to know they are deserve better and should move on.

What Girls Said 2

  • When I was in a relationship I had 2, 3, 4, and 5, I feel so stupid 😐 I'm so glad I broke him with him, I'm as happy as ever!😄 Great take by the way.

    • Thanks so much! I'm actually going through ending my relationship now, and I was hoping this take would help not only other people but me as well. Glad you enjoyed it.

    • You're welcome ☺

  • i know right, my marriage also pretty much broke up with the main reasons above apart from 1.


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