Be Patient In Your Relationship


Love and relationships are journeys we all embark on, we never can tell what the road looks like, unless we are familiar with the journey. To be familiar, experience comes in. It is good not just to throw away your lessons from previous relationships. But always reflect on your past relationships, and pick the lessons, let these lessons guide you into a new relationship. Yes your past relationship might be ugly, but if you look carefully, there is something good to take away. As a journey you can only overcome the roughness and toughness of the journey with togetherness and love. Never be in a hurry to get to your destination because you might miss the lessons that will help your relationship grow, but instead take each moment as they come.

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  • I have had MARRIAGE BRAIN for some time now so... I needed that thank you, I am extremely happy right now, we moved quickly in our relationship basically love & first site and we have been together ever since our first date 2 years ago April 30th & living together for nearly two years in July 2016!

    We have traveled to Bali, South Caralina, Los Angeles, Arizona, Lake Tahoe, Santa Barbara and NOW he is taking me to HAWAII for my 50th Birthday !!

    If it works don't fix it I get that I just want to be married is that so bad?

  • This is really nice


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