The Importance Of Patience



Patience is not simply the ability to wait - it's how we behave while we're waiting. Joyce Meyer

Patience is needed in every step of life. Nature teaches us to be patient. The things we want do not easily come our way, so patience comes in. In life we can only plant, toil, work, pray, request, but the fruit is of the Lord. Lack of patience can lead to frustration, anxiety, rejection, and disappointment. Timing is also an aspect of patience, at the right time, the universe will release the fruits to you. A typical lesson in patience is this, a farmer plants a crop, he watch the crop go through different phase of maturity, he cannot force the fruit to ripen at his will, the ripening process has to follow the process set by the Creator. If out of impatience, he forcefully takes the unripen fruit, sure he will have it but he will not be able to enjoy it because it not ripe. So the proper thing to do is to wait for the fruit to ripen, and this comes with a lot of fulfilment.

So in life man is the sower, while the almighty rewards. The type of life we live determines the type of fruit we shall reap. In another way, patience helps us to stay focus, have self control, having in mind that nothing in life is instantaneous. Patience also gives us confidence.

Out of impatience a lot of people have thrown away a healthy relationship. Without understanding the fact that it is easy to destroy than to build. With impatience you miss the lessons inherent in each problem but with patience you will be able examine the problem and look for solution. Anger and stress are two things that are enough to ruin a person’s health. And patience is the antidote to both these illnesses. Being patient, you can overcome any challenging situation with more flexibility and in a better way. Being stress free and happy helps you stay you healthier. Patience is an important tool in overcoming frustration. Patience allows us to suspend judgment long enough to make informed decisions, thus paving the path to a happy and peaceful life. To build a perfect relationship, patience is one of the skills needed. When you are sure of the road, no matter how long it takes, patience will get you there. Have a splendid day.

The Importance Of Patience
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