An Open Letter To The Girl Who Broke The Man I Love

An open letter to the girl who broke the man I love.

Hi there.

I don't know if you know who I am , or if some people have whispered my name into your ear.

I often wonder if you know about me and if you know that I have been the one who has been holding him when you left him in tears and broken. See - I met him two weeks after you ended your six year relationship with him . I have since then spent every day of my life picking up the shattered pieces you left behind. What you no longer want - I want with all my heart. To me he is worthy. To me he is beautiful. To me he is the only person that exist. Even when he told me that he was still going to propose to you. I was the one who helped him pick out your ring, even when it broke my heart . Who gave him calming words when he was scared that you were going to say no. I was the one who hugged him and held him tight when you did. See - I know you might be thinking "What type of woman stands by and is alright with this happening" . The type of woman that loves what you gave away so much that she puts his happiness above anything else. I would have given him to you times a thousand if that was what would make him happy.Love isn't selfish .I see you everywhere- I hear your name often.I know you even though we have never met.

Its a few months later now and he is starting to heal .I have stayed through the drunken phone calls, the morbid outlook on life, and the pain that you caused him.

I just want you to know that he is going to be alright.

That his snoring is as bad as ever.

He has started putting the pictures of you away.

He still misses you. But he talks less and less about you.

Please don't come back and break what I have been trying to hold together for months now.

He is my best friend;

He is my person;

He is the one you recklessly broke.

An Open Letter To The Girl Who Broke The Man I Love
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  • guy532
    I can't believe there are so many people here that think this is ok, because it's not, it's so far from ok. Everyone here has been fooled into thinking it is ok just because you wrote it so eloquently. I don't care how eloquently you describe shit, shit is still shit. Your "love" sounds like an obsession and completely unhealthy for the both of you. You took advantage of him when he was at his weakest and lowest point in his life, you're not a martyr or a great person like you want everyone else to think, seriously why even write this? It serves no purpose other than to inflate your own ego on how you're such a good and loving person for the "sacrifices" you made and how the other woman was basically a giant bitch. I've looked over female friends that have gone through life changing break ups, I know how easy it can be to quickly sweep in and take their ex's place (not that I have ever done it or ever wanted to, just stating that it can be easily done since they are so incredibly vulnerable and lonely).

    You were obsessed with a guy that was in love with a woman that he wanted to marry, you were a crappy friend. Friends should be platonic, otherwise don't be friends at all. What you described isn't love, it's nothing more than a delusional obsession and frankly it's plain creepy.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • PippiL
    To the girl who broke the man *I* love:
    If you were on fire
    and I had a glass of water
    I would drink it.
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    • ted22

      Did u set her on fire by chance? Lol

    • @ted22 Reminds me of some Fall Out Boy lyrics

    • PippiL

      @ted22 Even better--I showed her what that man COULD be with a little tlc. He's successful and happy now. That's the best revenge there is.

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  • Bluemax
    I really and sincerely do hope you find happiness with each other.

    I do think that the other woman might have had very good reasons to end the relationship, and that while she might have left your man broken hearted, she didn't necessarily break him. There is a difference.
    • I hope so too

      she seems to care a great deal about him

  • HeWhoPonders
    This really brings to life the difference between mature and immature love. You loved this man so much that you were willing to give him up because it would make him happy. That's very hard to come by right now and I very much admire this as I can be a little selfish in my feelings for another. Very well written and nice Take.
    Simply AMAZING!!!
    i wish i could find someone that can truly love me that much and write the same letter to my STBX.
    you are an amazing person and have the greatest heart i have ever heard of.
    good luck, and i hope you get the love that you deserve in return.
  • DodgersGM
    Don't get me wrong, I think it's truly amazing that you've got so much empathy and compassion in your heart, but I've got to ask...

    What about you and what you want? I'm afraid that if you put your romantic interest's feelings before your own, you'll end up heartbroken -- you'll end up losing some of that empathy and compassion that's so amazing.
  • NotTheFBI
    That was sweet... although I was expecting one written in blood with words that go something like:
    But you know... details. :v :)
  • FatherJack
    Rebound relationships can be a minefield , are you really ready for this , normally men are single for months , if not years between relationships , as it is much harder in general for men to meet & date women , most women will avoid a " rebound guy " like the plague !! However it's nice to see a man NOT get blamed for everything , like we typically do !!
  • SüßeJäger
    That was worth reading times a thousand. You'll make a guy very happy. It's good to know there really are women like you.
  • tifftaff01
    jesus this is adorable!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍 @Mario21 if you ever need someone ah gah chu boo 💙💙💙👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽🐓💙😂
    • Mario21


    • tifftaff01

      @Mario21 no boo 🐓💙 ill keep reminding your forgetful mind :)

    • Mario21

      Then you must be lying! I am 🐓💨

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  • Chloe86S
    Love is not selfish, so you mustn't ask this person not to come back. Things will go the way they go, but I must say that it is great that he has some support.
  • Redshift
    Lucky man. Most of us have to put the pieces together on our own. With a nail gun.
  • carlitoswayy
    Your with a man who wasn't even ready for a relationship... won't work
  • joeb73
    he is a lucky guy to have someone as special and wonderful as you.
  • isjusti
    So if a person (man or woman) walks out of a six years relationship automatically becomes a bitch and the one who been dumped is a saint that done nothing wrong? Sorry this is naive in most of the cases. Do we know if that "bitch" just had enough of him? Do we know if he was abusing her, cheating on her, ignoring her? Is great that you try to help him although the way you describing it i find it naive and way too melodramatic. Just because someone "broke" after a separation it really doesn't mean they are the victim
  • senvil
    i wish there was someone for me to say those word to her!!
  • This_is_my_username
    I'm speechless. I'd read this over and over again. I'm glad that he has someone like you. Keep being strong! Great mytake!!! 👍❤️
  • Stacyzee
    Lovely to read.

    What a great and nurturing woman you are.

  • Becky01
    I hope he knows just how much you love him and that one day you will get hat kind of love for youself
  • forfundude
    Omg! Thus s really really a wonderful thing and I never felt this much happy after reading something like this. just superb :-)
  • BigJake
    Kudos to you for going to the mattresses for you man.
  • EpicFail
    well this sounds obsessive and unhealthy relationship. Yikes..

  • KT1224
    Cryinging over this!! Love should be so unselfish!! But at the same tie returned!! You are a better woman than I!!
  • Poppykate
    Wow... You write the words for feelings I feel...
  • Glue-Sniffer
    This is wrong on so many levels...
  • QuestionMan
    Wow you sound like an awesome friend
  • knight1986
    You wrote so well, nice myTake :)
  • Psi_Unknown
  • dudegrt09
    Wow you're in seventh circle of friendzone lol :D
  • TripleAce
    Nice one, such deep thoughts
  • RicanEyes
    WOW!!! That is so DEEP
  • 2tall2handle
    That's very touching
  • mikeaaa
    I wish I was lucky enough to have had that
  • RationalMale
    thats actually touching.
  • Damn, I wish every woman was like you.
  • SuitAndTie
    This is beautiful
  • BarbieDollT
    How cute 😍
  • Zaralovess7
    so sad. I feel you
  • Anonymous
    You sound bicurious for your friend.
  • Anonymous
    Maybe if you wasn't there and around oh so much he would of been emotionally connected with his real love/girlfriend, we women always sense when something is off and the fact you helped picked the ring is sick & twisted & creepy in my opinion, lurking & waiting for it all to fail & now your still picking up the piecies, well you contributed to it so shy should we hold you in esteem? sadly waiting your turn I hope he falls madly in love with someone else, & forgets your ass, which he probably will!!!
  • Anonymous
    In a similar situation myself.. And for future reference do you think its best for the girl who broke him to fix what she broke. Or forget about him avoid risking anymore pain. Or just give him closure?
  • Anonymous
    I know this is going to sound mean, but some people are so delusional they need a serious wake up call.

    Any man who lets himself fall apart because of a woman isn't a man at all. The fact that you're in love with a "man" who is this pathetic just shows how low value you are. In an ironic twist, the reason he doesn't love you is because you love him. If he did love you then he would have forgotten about this other woman a long long time ago. Deep down he knows you're even more pathetic than he is because you are still desperate for him despite how pathetic he is, and it makes him feel good to have you around because you always remind him there's people worse of than he is.

    You need to move on with your life because he will never truly love you as long as you tolerate his bitch behavior. Tell him to call you if he ever decides to grow up, move on from his past, be a real mean, and then start dating other guys. Maybe in a couple weeks he'll realize how useless his unrequited love for this other woman is, come to his senses, and give you call. Only then will there even be a possibility of a healthy relationship with him.
    • mikemx55

      Hurts me to say this, but... this guy isn't exactly wrong :(

    • this was a bit bitter on your part

    • the_rake


      He's kind of right though. Personally I would have delivered with a small dose of sugar - for example, I don't believe it is unmasculine to fall in love. Nor do I believe that she is pathetic for caring about him. But what he says about this guy needing to get past this woman, and what he says about his friend needing to establish some new boundaries to protect her feelings - none of this is incorrect.

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  • Anonymous
    Sorry, but I honestly think you should move on with your life. This so-called letter has some pretty hypocritical affirmations. You didn't do this for him, you did it for you, while hoping he'll someday feel the same for you. You thought that by becoming this martir character, he'd love you more but that will probably not happen. However bad it was, it was their relationship and you meddled.
  • Anonymous
    Wow, I'm curious to ask you how old you are?
  • Anonymous
    so let me get this straight. he was 6 years with a bitch that made his life hell, and now he is shattered and you gather the pieces but he is still in love with her but you are madly in love with him? did i get it right... ?
    • Anonymous

      by the way your "love" sounds obsessive and unhealthy but at least he has some support. remember never to pedestalise anyone and put him above anything. no human is god.

  • Anonymous
    Wow, that was beautiful to read, you are one awesome girl. Why can't every girl be like you. Thank you for that beautiful piece. *hats off

    Tell me where they make girls like you, PLEASE :)

  • Anonymous
    where do i find my "you" ? it's been 3+ years for me
  • Anonymous
    Very well written