My Break-Up Story: Need to Get a Few Things Off My Chest


My break up story. Need to get a few things off my chest.

So I was in a relationship for about 8 months and we just broke up because he's "unhappy" and he can't accept who I am when we're not hanging out. He said it's an awful relationship online. However, it was "amazing" when we saw each other (which was every weekend, me travelling to him) and he wanted to be with me forever...

Why did he say it was an awful relationship? All because of things like not posting on his Facebook wall and not liking all of his posts.. to the point where he even had a go for not clicking like on his gym check ins. Apparently, I don't support him trying to live a healthy lifestyle because I didn't click like. The truth is, I didn't see anything he posted because I hid him ever since he posted a picture of him having a meal with his ex who he happens to be best friends with. It hurt me to see it so I prevented seeing that stuff from then on. Ignorance is bliss.

My Break-Up Story: Need to Get a Few Things Off My Chest

He would say the words "I'm unhappy" when we weren't arguing or anything, he'd randomly bring it up when we were getting on and having a laugh. We spent two nights on the phone for an hour recently. I spoke to him all day, everyday and he had the audacity to say I didn't pay him attention. When all I seemed to ever do was pay him attention! It's like he wanted me to plaster things all over Facebook for all his mates to see, and if I didn't then he's "miserable". My friends think he's manipulative and I have to agree. He even confessed to me that he manipulates situations (with other people) to his advantage.

I think no girl could ever be enough for him, he is far too insecure and in turn, he made me feel like shit. But then I feel like I have no life without him and maybe I'm not cut out for relationships. I always seem to lose people so I'll probably stay single now. If you got this far, thanks for taking the time to read it.

Anyone got any break up stories to share?

My Break-Up Story: Need to Get a Few Things Off My Chest
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  • Countrylovin97
    My sympathies.
    Well I don't think I have the worst story out there, but my heart definitely hurts.
    Just recently had my boyfriend of four months tell me he's not sexaully attracted to me. Not to sound obnoxious or anything, but I am not an ugly person, pretty attractive to most. Fine figure, good looking and good sense of style. He apparently thinks I'm perfect, but not for sex. We never had sex together, initially because we wanted to take things slow and enjoy it. Then as the months went on it just never happend. I would spend nights going home, laying in bed crying wondering why we weren't. What was wrong with me. I knew he liked thin girls, so I lost that extra 10 lbs I had, started working out, wore makeup. My mother would constantly ask what he was up to, why we never seemed to spend time together. We only live a 10 min drive from each other, yet would only see each other maybe once a week. Apparently he knew from the first couple weeks that he didn't want me that way, yet there we were 16 weeks later, he finally told me. I still have a hard time thinking anyone could find me attractive now, totally lost my confidence, and yes, gained that 10 lbs back. Oops. Also that moment when the text came in, that will never leave me, tears flowing, couldn't catch my breath, only word I could manage to get out at all that evenin was "ouch, ouch, ouch". Love is great. Totally recommend it.
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  • JudgmentDay
    It wouldn't have lasted either way. Treat it as a learning experience and move on. People are people and people will always be miserable. I think he might had been very miserable and using you as his "rebound" girl instead of anything else.
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  • meesh1220
    I feel your pain. I agree with JudgmentDay's response... this would not have worked out either way. He sounds too unstable for you, or anyone. You deserve someone who doesn't mess with your emotions. Best to let him go for your own well being girl. Don't waste another thought on him.
  • HookingSwan
    Indeed you're better off alone

    Some people u just dont need near u

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