How to Get Over a HeartBreak: Girl's Edition


Hey! Someone broke your heart???

Follow this simple "7 Steps Plan" to mend it!!

How to Get Over a HeartBreak: Girl's Edition

You've probably been through one or two other heartbreaks before, remember what you did what then and try to do it again. (It could help...)

Now, This "article" is from my own experience so, it might not work with you but lets give it a try, shall we?

1. Get out of "The Shock"

Accept it, he left, that's it. It might be painful to say it but it's the truth. Look yourself in the mirror and say it to yourself. Now, changes are... you're not "really" going to believe that. I mean, you probably loved the guy! But that's the first step to rebuild your heart. Hang on, girl! You can do this!!

How to Get Over a HeartBreak: Girl's Edition

2. Buy ice cream

Might not be the "greatest idea ever but it does the trick. If you prefer chocolate, buy it! Buy something that's not really "healthy" but you love to eat! It'll help. Buy lots of it, put it on the freezer and get on with step #3!

How to Get Over a HeartBreak: Girl's Edition

3. Get Netflix

Please....Romantic Comedies? They're great to mend broken hearts! (Comment below if you would like me to recommend some GREAT Romantic Comedies for broken hearts.)

I mean, it might not quite sound it because of the "romantic" part but it really helps you let it all out and make you understand that if he broke up with you...HE WASN'T REALLY THE ONE! Understand that there's better guys out there and probably much better that him! "Hey, just look at the guy in the movie...He looks awesome, right? You'll eventually find one like that if it's meant to be..." The best movie site (Well, the one I recommend) is NETFLIX, get it, it's worth it. (But in case you can't, "Putlocker" could be a good site too)

How to Get Over a HeartBreak: Girl's Edition

4. Organize a few days off

OKAY, so we've got the ice cream and we've got the movies. Take some days off! We don't want a heart break to make us screw our job or school! Take a whole weekend off and enjoy.

How to Get Over a HeartBreak: Girl's Edition

5. Let's do this!

The time has come...Get really for many many tears and sadness...and anger. Turn on your computer (or TV), get the ice cream (some tissues could be helpful), seat on your couch or lie on your bed and...stay there...just stay. Cover yourself and blankets (Just like a Taco), use your favorite PJ's and get ready for this emotional roller coaster, it's not going to be easy but..well, recoveries never are, girl. Now, it's your time to overthink, pity yourself, BE SAD, cry, get angry, imagine great conversations and comebacks you would have for him even thought, you know they're not...actually happening (Might though, so be prepared hahaha). This is your time to be completely a mess and it's fine. Try to distance yourself from the social media and your phone 'cause it can be a distraction to this important step on your recovery. It's going to hurt but if you don't take a exact time to do this, you'll do it unconsciously for a very long time and it might screw with your concentration, happiness and life. Okay look, I know you're probably thinking about drinking a bit and that's okay (if you're older than 18) but please, PLEASE don't over do it...You might drunk TEXT or CALL your Ex! NOOOO, we don't want that embarrassment, right? So, try to avoid drinking and using your phone. Remember to have a maximum amount of days to do this because if you don't put a "End Day" might continue for a very...very long time. Have a limit and learn to respect it, okay? It's for the best!

How to Get Over a HeartBreak: Girl's Edition

6.Stop pitying yourself already. Enough is enough!

Enough is enough, girl. After your "End Day'" arrives, get strong and start to...Well, start again.

Time to get your life together. Yeah, I know you aren't probably "recovered" yet but you have to admit you feel a bit better. Like if you got rid of a very heave burden perphaps, every girl and relationship is different and the result may vary but there is DEFINITELY a improvement. Now, Turn the Computer off, take the empty ice cream buckets out, throw away the tissues and start again, girl.

2 good songs:

- Destiny's Child - Survivor (Official Video) ft. Da Brat

-Kelly Clarkson - Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)

How to Get Over a HeartBreak: Girl's Edition

7. Hit the Gym *Got to get rid of all that ice cream one way or another! hahaha

So yeah, get yourself a great playlist and hit the gym... Work out, feel good with yourself and try to stop think about him...It might be VERY hard but try...slowly, you won't even notice how you're not even about him that much. It will be hard but as you work out, start thinking about the positive things you learned in this relationship and how it will improve the next one! Come on, girl, you can do this and you know it. Don't let that silly boy mess with your life. Get back to your life normally and try to not fall back on the heart broken state...Now, please take a moment, look at the mirror and repeat step #1 BUT STOP THERE! hahaha, don't repeat the WHOLE process without noticing but if you feel like you haven't gotten close to letting it go...Do repeat the whole process. You'll get there eventually!

Take conform on your family, friends or pets! They'll be there for you in this hard time, tell them about your plan (aka this one, hahaha) to see if they could maybe help you out and support you with it.

How to Get Over a HeartBreak: Girl's Edition

I have many more advices to give, just let me know in the comment section if you might need them.

Hope you get through it girl!! #GirlPower We can do it! Eww to the #Heartbreaks. Hahaha, enjoy your ice cream. (Please, let me know how it went)

Thanks for reading!

How to Get Over a HeartBreak: Girl's Edition
How to Get Over a HeartBreak: Girl's Edition
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    What should I do I got over my ex but I don't know what to think now... Suddenly one day we were accidentally alone in a schools place (where we put our outdoor clothes). He looked at me and just hugged me for no reason I hugged him back and we both stood like that for like 4minutes. I laughed a bit and told him.. how long haven't we hugged like this.. he laughed too but didn't say anthing. Then he just pressed his head against mine and I was really shocked. I looked up at him to ask about the hug he looked into my eyes and suddenly kissed me... I didn't kiss back.. my eyes went wide open out of shock.. when I got out of shock to finally understand what he was doing I pushed him away... and asked him Why he did that.. he said he didn't know.. and he had to go to his friends after that question (one of them called him) When I was at home he texted me that... he cannot forget some fellings (for me). He's in the same class as me and while I'm not looking he's smiling at me (my friends have noticed that). We both act like nothing happened but I just can't forget that and I certainly can't stop thinking about that day. We were together 2 years ago for 2 months and a half. And we both still have fellings for eachother.. maybe it's because we were and are eachothers first love? I don't know.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Anonymous

      Why did you guys break up?
      I need to know more about what happen to see if I understand why he's doing that.
      by the way, he might still have feelings for you but doesn't want anything serious. You should probably speak to him (Without getting mad) and try to let him explain himself (Again, I need to know what happened so I can give you a better advice). Good Luck!

Most Helpful Guy

  • Anonymous
    Give yourself a day or two to grieve, then start talking to the next guy in line!
    Is this still revelant?
    • Anonymous

      Hahaha, That's a great idea too sometimes, I just didn't want to mention it like that cause it kinda "objectify" guys and might cause the girl to accidentally break his heart, trying to mend hers and then the cycle of the "fuckboys" and "fuck girls" starts so, I didn't want to enter that subject.
      :) Happy New Year!

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  • Shellbellle32
    I don't find anything "works", to me it just has to run its course and I feel better then. I've tried distracting myself with a lot of different things and ways but the icky feeling tages a few weeks to go..
    • Anonymous

      How long has it been?
      Like since you broke up with him... And has there been other guys?

  • AriadneSky
    al of these activities would make me feel pathetic

    thing is if a person actually directly rejects you then thats a good thing. you know they were not right for you. nothing to be sad about.

    if you want someone go get a new one. if you're cool being singe do that. i just dont get blubbering over someone who as made it clear you're not connected?

    how can you grieve a person who doesn't want yo, i can't wrap my head around that. i can understand grieving bc you left someone you wanted but someone who doesn't want you. doesn't make sense to me.

    and i think binging ad isolating is really bad w to get out of depression. its best to stay active.. releases good chemicals.
    • Anonymous

      Because you loved them.
      When you feel it and you take comfort in the idea that they love you back and they'll be there for you, it's not easy seen them betray you. You feel as if no one will ever be like him. You feel things words can't describe. No one can really understand it only they feel it. It's just there, the feeling of losing something you thought you had forever. The idea that they just don't love you anymore or that they never did and were lying to you all that time. It's not easy to go through that and I don't expect you to understand. Some people can't yet or never will and that's okay. We all have to deal with different things through life and ''heartbreaks'' aren't part of yours yet (Or won't, I don't know.) Anyways, Good luck and I hope you have a great life! :D

  • lushbomb
    i did everything on here and lost 40 ibs :). but im still slowly getting over this heartbreak
    • Anonymous

      I know it can be very hard. I've been through it and I'm actually going through it all over again.' ''Slowly'' is the best you got. At least, you're feeling a bit better. That should give you hope and help you understand that eventually, you will feel better. I bet you don't feel as bad as the day that happened. So, take that into consideration and try to give yourself time to heal. Everyone is different and everyone goes through different stages so, don't pressure yourself if you don't heal as fast. The fact is that you had feelings for this person and feelings are not really easy to forget. You should be proud you feel things and care. There're people in this world that act like they don't feel anything and they just hurt people. Be happy you're not really like them and take it slow. Eventually, you will find someone that loves you the same way you love them. Be happy you're at least moving on (Slowly is better than nothing). by the way, Congrats on youtr40 lbs! And Good Luck! :)

    • lushbomb

      aw you're so kind for this :). im sorry to hear tht:(. and yes true.. when it happened i didn't know how to feel. i was in shock. never have i ever felt tht way. it was so surreal. i just couldnt believe it. its gonna be a year since this happened and im not over it ;/. im still deeply hurt. but at times i suck it up. sometimes i feel too much :9 im too sensitive. and i hope i do :). and thank u:)

  • Sara413
    1. Cry it out over wine and chocolate with a good friend.
    2. Work it out at the gym.
    3. Fuck someone else - but don't start dating someone else until you're actually over it.
    4. Take some time to get used to being with yourself.
  • NajemEddine
    what if u met your ex at the gym
    and he was with his new girlfriend
    • Anonymous

      That's something very unlikely unless he was one of those guys that likes being "fit" and stuff. In that case, I guess you would (obv) not go to the gym he used to go to or any gym around where he lives or works. Now, if you think there's a slight chance you might see him in the gym, I would recommend you avoid THAT gym and go to another one you know he might not be in but if you did all this and still manage to run into him. Well, be adult about it. Smile and act as if you don't care. Let him think you moved on and try to escape this awkward situation in the gentle and discreet way. By the way, in this step you should be feeling a bit more "self controlled" and even though, it might hurt to see him, you wouldn't feel as bad and always remember it's not easy to get back on track but it's worth it and if other people have being able to do it, so can you! by the way, I hope you don't see him in the gym... that exact day... with his girlfriend... Come on, what are the odds? Good Luck!

    • thanks

    • happy new year

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  • cupidkisses
    Thanks for sharing!
    • Anonymous

      Hey! No problem. If you have any ideas that you would like me to write about for another MyTake, please, don't hesitate to let me know...
      Have a good day!

  • John_Doesnt
    A surprise visit from Santa.
  • JensonStatement
    More guys then girls here so... plot twist.
  • Anonymous
    So I'm the author of this MyTake but I couldn't update an opinion (so I created this account cause I truly believe that what I'm about to say it's very important to get over that boy that keeps breaking our hearts everytime we think about him). I know it's hard, you might say "You don't understand" and I get it, there's no way to prove I do but that's fine because the fact is, we went through a heartbreak that hurt us so bad, we had to find help on the internet. 1. You know what? Listen to that little voice inside your head. I wrote this article while been with my ex. I guess, I knew how it was going to end from the very start but hoped for the best. I can't say I didn't learn A LOT but a few weeks ago, I didn't think the ''experience'' was worth all this pain... at least I didn't want it to be because it would make it too real. Unconsciously, I was preparing for it but nothing really prepares you from that kind of pain. I thought I didn't care, I thought I had my feelings under control but I didn't. I'm not saying to never trust people again but be careful who you give your heart to because at the end, you'll probably care and the scar... kid, the scar is forever. Don't worry, the pain isn't and the scar is just a reminder to let you know what you once learn but still, be careful, it's not an easy process to move on.
    2. Anyways, I also recommend you to take your time. I'm sure you've heard "time heals everything", it's bullshit. The only way you can heal your heart is if you work on yourself. Take it slow and don't give up. Tomorrow, it will be one month since my break up. I have to admit it's a bit hard to even think about it but I'm going through it and I'm doing pretty good. I feel much better since the first few days---... weeks. It's been hard and I know how bad and suffocating a heartbreak can be. I know how it just takes your breath away, I know how it affects your life and feelings, and girl, I understand the pain in the chest. That pain... that indescribable pain. It feels so real and destructive. You probably ask yourself "How can it even hurt so physically?". I know. 3. Throughout the years, I've learned a lot about heartbreaks and I know everyone feels things in different ways and probably deals with it in different ways too but one thing I know, you can't go through it alone. It'll hurt too much so, here I am. I'm here to help you through it, just write your story in the comments and I'll try helping you. :) It's going to be okay, okay? :)
    • Anonymous

      So yea, I hope you leave your message in the comments and share your story. :)

  • Anonymous
    Don't you just love breaking girls hearts. Ah, i love it. I'm going to fuck this women
  • Anonymous
    Great points for both sexes
    • Anonymous

      Well, thank you :)

    • Anonymous

      You're welcome miss :)