How to Deal with a Painful Break Up!

Cry it out

How to Deal with a Painful Break Up!

Cry till you have no tear left and feel all your sadness going out of your body with your tears.

Go on tinder

Some people get over it by finding someone new.

Take yoga lessons

At least you won't think about it.

Make your ex jealous

Share pictures on social media showing that you are having fun and you are extremly happy.

Get some air

Till when will you cry at home? Get your ass out and have some fresh air.

Move on

Or skip all these things and just move on... Don't look back!


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  • great take


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What Guys Said 1

  • Crying: maybe. Not for me, but maybe you.

    Tinder: HELL no.
    Filling your inner emptiness with random cock will never make you feel better - It'll just make you forget while getting plowed (and probably infected with some random STD) and then you're back to being alone and heartbroken - now just knowing that you just fucked some random person who doesn't really give a shit about who you are (because let's be honest: that's what tinder's for). So once you're alone again, you start to seek the attention and appreciation you experienced when you let that guy fuck you, so you find another dude, fuck him, repeat the cycle and you end up getting addicted to this shit.
    That's how any addiction start - people want to re-live the highs they experience, whether it's sugar, sex, alcohol or drugs.

    Yoga: I can't imagine yoga helping, look at mazlows hierarchy of needs. Love is one of the more basic ones, yoga focuses on self-actualization - a very high one. You can't focus on a higher need, before you've achieved the lower ones.

    Air: good idea, take a few walks, volunteer as a pet-walker and get some company that way.

    Move on: that's making it sound easy.
    I myself never have heartache, but I'm a coldhearted person so it's to be expected, most people can't just move on though, to some people it takes time, to others it just comes natural. - and the grieving process is different to everyone.


What Girls Said 1

  • Yoga and posting pictures won't help

    Yoga quiets your mind and that only makes you dwell on it more
    And posting pictures means you're looking for a reaction. That won't help anyone move on

    But completely agree about tinder or any dating apps. Attention from the opposite gender definitely is a temporary fix