Going Back To Being Strangers With Someone Who Has Seen Your Soul!

It all starts by being strangers and becoming frineds, maybe best friends, and then lovers. And after some time you go back from the same order till you two become like strangers again.

Sorry, it doesn't last forever

Going Back To Being Strangers With Someone Who Has Seen Your Soul!

Love knocks your door when you least expect it. It makes you feel like having back all the things that you lost at the same time. You feel like the happiest person in the world. You have great time with your partner. Everything goes great. You think like this feeling will never end.

They stab you on your scars

Going Back To Being Strangers With Someone Who Has Seen Your Soul!

You trust your partner more than you trust anybody in this world. Isn't it the main thing that make you fall in love. They say we love a person whom we trust. Anyway, you open your heart... You go further and also open your soul. You show your scars on your soul one by one. You show what you had till know exactly. You tell them everything about you that you were afraid to tell others. Because you thought that they will never leave you and they understand you.

Once day you come to an end. It is time to break up. You break up and have all your stuffs back. You come over difficult times. You feel as if someone is stabbing a knife to your heart. You can't take breath because of crying. You cry because you have never imagined an end. And you decide to be friends for the sake of the good days if you break up in a good day.

Or, you become directly strangers if you broke up because of a serious thing. You try to ignore each other. You just act like strangers. You don't even say hi when you see each other. Can you imagine it? You don't even say hi to the person that once you open your heart. You can't tell that 2 letters.

But that's not the worst thing, the worst thing is that that person stabs the knife to the same places that you show you have scars. To the places that you show how much you have been hurted before. They stab you right there and your scars become bigger.

That's how you go back to being strangers...

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Most Helpful Guy

  • When it comes to love, the feelings you have go right to the soul.. It is at the absolute worst when they are no longer around. Act like a stranger all you want, (I have as well) but it will never change your mind.. That person will have a place in your thoughts and heart as long as you exist.


Most Helpful Girls

  • That's the hardest thing

  • this just really touches me... I opened my heart to a guy, so did he, but then he easily got swept off his feet by a hot girl 3 days later.. we used to be best friends, almost lovers, but then now we're complete strangers... funny how love hurts you in the ways you least expect


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  • I love this! It made me cry and it's awesome! So great!!


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