Opening Your Third Eye and Finding Yourself


Opening Your Third Eye and Finding Yourself

In society we are conditioned to follow fashion or dress or act a certain way; people of all walks of life are genetically and environmentally engineered, and you are influenced by your parents and their upbringing.

Your upbringing, religion and parents can have a big impact on what kind person you will be.

Your schooling and education all contribute to what sort of person you grow to be and what friends you will have and what interests you will have.

Opening Your Third Eye and Finding Yourself

We are brainwashed by the media and our jobs and work, and we forget about life and it's mysteries....

In order to escape this or discover reality or awaken your consciousness, I believe enlightenment, or awakening one's third eye to higher level consciousness, is the only way to set oneself free from the torment of life. Once you discover who you really are, you can rid yourself of life's mysteries like Death, Theism, Spirituality and Science. You can explore different faiths and be open-minded; just think, if you were born in a Muslim Arab country you would have been a Muslim and lived a different upbringing and life.

So to find one's true self, one must explore until one finds wisdom. The old are wise because of experience, having been in this world for decades.

Some concepts from Buddhism such as karma are a great way to start, or even Freemasonry concepts such as enlightenment and accepting death as inevitable can open your third eye. If you decide that a higher power exists, then explore all faiths before you come to the ultimate decision about life.

Of course, atheism or science says God or a deity does not exist, but it's up to you to choose what you believe or what is plainly fact...............

Opening Your Third Eye and Finding Yourself

Opening Your Third Eye and Finding Yourself
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    My third eye is already open. I already know I would be a whole different person if I was brought up in a different environment.

    I don't think science can ever prove whether or not a deity exists.
  • dudeman
    for some reason when i read this i thought about somebody spreading their butt cheeks to open their third eye.
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