Tips for Girls, On How to Break Up With a Guy...

Tips for Girls, On How to Break Up With a Guy...

You know it's got to be done. But if you're like most girls, you're feeling a little chicken.

Could you go to Antarctica and call him from there? Or what if you pretended you have amnesia and you don't know who he is? Maybe if your friends all said you died. . . Is there nothing that will save you from having to face him and say what you've got to say?

No. As the saying goes, you can run, but you can't hide. A lot of nice girls do cruel things to boys at moments like these because they feel awkward about delivering bad news. Don't be one of them. So do it right.

Keep it private. Telling him at school may be convenient, but it's not appropriate. And making your girlfriend messenger is the pits. This is between you and this boy. Keep his friends and your friends out of it.

You can talk to him. Or you can write a note and talk to him later. Either way, you do have to talk to him. Freezing him out because you don't know what to say is not an option.

When you break the news, say something more than "I don't want to go out with you anymore." Give him a reason. Be honest. But you don't be mean.

Put some thought into your words, too. "I think we'd both have more fun if we saw other people" is better than "You really bug me." "We don't get along that well." is better than "You're a jerk." "I liked it better when we were just friends" is better than "I'm sorry I ever said I'd go out with you."

Will, any of there lines make him smile and say, "That's OK?" Not likely. He'll still be hurt and may well be angry- but not nearly so hurt and angry as he'd be if you did it in a way that showed you were thinking only of yourself. (And after a day or two, he may be as relieved as you are to be out of the relationship.)

Tips for Girls, On How to Break Up With a Guy...
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  • Jlegacy
    There is no better way to do it than to be plain honest. Guys are practical. So give him the practical reasons why the relationship isn't working. Unless someone else caught your eye and you want to switch up.
    • CoolHoney

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