What to do when you get broken up with!

What to do when you get broken up with.

Getting broken up with sucks. Although, every break up is different, most people will deal with a break up at some point in their life. Break ups are emotionally painful and need to be treated with delicacy.


Talk about what happened. Reflect on the situation and your feelings. You do not need to hold anything in, and in order to move on in a healthy way you should express what you are feeling. It is normal to feel upset and hurt.


Take time for yourself to relax and do the things you enjoy. Take care of your body and give yourself time. Maybe go see a movie, or take a spa day, just remember to take a break from your normal routine every once in a while to do something for you.

Friends and Family.

Surround yourself with friends and family who love you. Your friends and family are there for you to talk with, cry with, laugh with, and lean on. The people who love you will also give you wholesome advice about the situation.

Stop dwelling.

In order to move on you have to stop dwelling on your ex. It may be a good idea to delete them from your social medias, and get them out of your life. Stop thinking about them, and if you have to distract yourself begin to pursue other goals or things you have always wanted to do.

Positive outlook.

I know it is much easier said then done, especially in a tough situation, but you must try to focus on the good things in life, and how awesome you are. Write down your top 5 most admirable traits.

Emotional pain tends to heal with time, so stay strong and know that things WILL get better, I promise. These are just a few helpful tips to get you through. If you can think of anymore ways to help get through a break up, please comment below.


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  • after going through a divorce I didn't want after 25 years of marriage, breakups have really not affected me. Granted I tried to date too early. Way Way Way too early. So nobody really lasted more then 1 or 2 weeks until one of us broke it off. I did manage to sleep with 4 though lol.
    Since I started dating when I was ready, I have had 3. the last 2 I broke it off after 1 month and 8 months respectively. Currently I am seeing the perfect woman and am fast falling for her. Granted it has only been two weeks. lol... so it is really early.
    I learned early on not to take any of it personally. I might be a little sad when someone broke it off, esp if I thought it was going well. but in the end, I want someoene that wants to be with me. If they don't? fuckem. I can get a date within a few days so on to the next woman. I always go over the issues we had. I try and determine if it was my issue, or theirs. I decide if it is something I need to change or not about myself. I make adjustments and move forward. Better to find out early someone doesn't want you then after 25 years.


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