10 Things To Do Besides Cry After a Break Up

Breaking up can be hard to do. But instead of sitting around crying all day and night, try some of these ideas instead!

  1. Work out. Nothing relieves stress like a good work out at the gym, or even a run around your neighborhood. Pop in your IPod and have at it. You will get in shape, and feel better about yourself.

  2. Watch your favorite movie or TV show. If you’re watching a program you really enjoy, you won’t be thinking about things that make you sad. Pull out an old comedy, or watch re-runs of your favorite TV show and keep your mind off everything.

  3. Play with your pet. Pets never let you down! Cuddle with your dog, play with your cat, or even talk to your fish. Pets are there for you no matter what- they are your best friend and love you regardless.

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  5. Hang out with friends. They can make you laugh and help you have fun, forgetting about why you’re sad. Go out to eat, grab drinks, watch movies, or even work out together.

  6. Clean. Clean your room, clean out your car, straighten up your house- cleaning is another stress reliever and it helps keep your space neat too! It also might trigger a creative side to redecorate or clean something else.

  7. Change Something. Whether it is a new hair style, rearranging your room or house, or signing up for some sort of class, changing something in your life can be for the better. It’s like starting a new You- and what a perfect time to do so.

  8. Plan for the future. You’re single and independent now, so plan ahead. Make some fun plans for the summer, pick out classes for the fall, or plan a trip for anytime. Set goals and deadlines for things you want to accomplish now that you aren’t tied down.

  9. Buy something new. Don’t go out and blow all your money because you are upset, but buying something small for yourself can help a lot. A cute shirt, a new CD, or a cool pair of shoes will help keep a smile on your face.

  10. Fix your favorite meal. Fix yourself or order something you love but don’t normally get to eat. Order Chinese, fix a steak, make some delicious pasta, or even get ice cream.

  11. Burn a new CD. Make a CD with all your favorite songs. Keep them upbeat and don’t put songs that will remind you of your ex on it- keep it to brand new songs or old songs that remind you of other people and fun times.
10 Things To Do Besides Cry After a Break Up
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Most Helpful Guy

  • RelationshipXpert

    You need to remember that all wounds heal with time. You need to give yourself the time and soon you will notice that you are not feeling so bad and that life is good again. You will move on and find a new love that will take your mind off of the break up that you thought would ruin your life.

    There is no need to worry when you are involved in a break up.


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Most Helpful Girl

  • eg-0914

    Thank you for putting the theme of moderation in there. GIRLS ... it is easy to do drastic things after a breakup because you are having drastic emotions. However, its not always what you would do if you were your normal self or normal mood. Good ideas, I like this story!

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  • the-love-guru

    Write about the hurt. I bought a few books on breakups. There's a slew of good ones out there, and a few encourage you to write the things you couldn't bring yourself to say. Like the fact that your slob of an ex looked completely stupid wearing that t-shirt from college that no longer fit, or how he insisted on staying in on a Friday night when you had made plans to go out. Things that you bit your lip on while you dated, but knew made him a jerk. Acknowledge he doesn't deserve you.

  • bubblyblonde

    Make a new friend

    Get a new hobby

    Have a massage

    Join some new social groups

    Grieve (its important too)

    See a therapist

    Get your hair done

    Organise and go on holiday

    Take time to work on your issues/insecureties/problems

  • MichelleB

    For me, after my divorce it was selling the engagement ring my fiance gave me to idonowidont.com after finding out he cheated on me. It was a great way to get over a break up and find closure, believe me, ladies.

  • swthrt1231

    Buy an outfit that makes you feel good it is my favorite and most of the shirts I have bought after a breakup are my favorite and most flattering ones :)

  • LishaJones

    Be the hell out of the guy that broke your heart-ha

  • bgreek1

    church always works and going to a strip club

    i know chicks like going

    also a comedy club

  • Andryroxy

    Great.....I Though of getting a new hairstyle and work more in the gym ; ) NICE