LGBT community happy to have same sex marriages and yet get divorces

LGBT community happy to have same sex marriages and yet get divorces.

First off, allowing gay marriage shouldn't have been a problem anyway. Though I don't really care if they get married or the usual straight couples too. But I've been noticing same sex couples getting a divorce faster than people getting married.

Same sex marriage isn't the problem. What is the problem is that they fight for it so hard to get this legalized and then get a divorce. Its like a child begging for the newest ever after doll and when they finally get it they don't want it anymore. I understand that sometimes things don't work out well in a relationship but you should figure that out before.

Now I feel that people that did work hard for this appreciate it. But why ask for something just to turn around and not really want it? This is a touchy subject that I shouldn't poke my nose in but I just wanted to get it out there.

I await the the scolding too.


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  • Marriage is a human right, and not something the government should be moralising about or controlling, hence it should be legal and the government should not interfere for or against individual choices.

    Homosexuality may be immoral etc., but it's their choice not ours, we should simply not interfere.

  • They are fighting for the right of getting married, they are as humans and you and me and can get divorced if their marriage doesn't work as heterosexuals do.

    And divorce as been rampant for almost 30 years, 5 out each 10 marriages ends up in divorce.


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