Why More Women Than Man Support Gay Marriage

Why more women support gay marriage than men

This is something I have noticed for a long time now, that far more women than men support homosexuality and gay marriage than what men do. I did some research and discovered that this is true, that according to studies, women are twice as likely than men to support gay marriage.

In my opinion this is because women think with their hearts, whereas men think with their brains. Women seem to make decisions based on their emotions, whereas men tend to make decisions based on logic and common sense. Maybe this is the reason why women weren't allowed to vote for so many years. Maybe that's why the government and politicians pander to women in order to get the vote. After all, I think it was mostly women who voted Hitler into power.

Disagreeing with gay marriage doesn't mean you are homophobic. I disagree with pornography. That doesn't mean I have a phobia of porn stars. I even use to work in a gay club, and never felt intimidated. I just believe sex and marriage should be between a man and a woman. The fact that gay marriage supporters have to use the "homophobic" card just shows how irrational and dishonest they really are. There are plenty of gay people who think that sex between a man and a woman is gross. Does that make gay people heterosexual phobic?

When it comes to the rights of gay people and marriage, the reason there is so much conflict is because some people believe that God has the authority on marriage, and others don't. If there is a judgment day then anyone who supports gay marriage will go to hell. But if there is no judgment day, then people will simply remain forever in the grave or get reincarnated.

I personally believe, based on multiple life after death experiences of heaven and hell, that there is an afterlife and that God has the authority on marriage. It's just a shame that so many women can't use common sense instead of their emotions.

Why More Women Than Man Support Gay Marriage

Why More Women Than Man Support Gay Marriage
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  • Redstang88
    You lost me basing your argument off religion. That being said, I am a strong believer in the traditional family unit. However, I don't believe that ones unsubstantiated beliefs (yes that's what religion is) should interfere in others personal lives.
    I was raised religious but soon realised how absurd it was. Who can say which religion is right? Where is this proof of heaven and hell. I don't exclude the possibility of God or an afterlife, I just see it very likely. And if us nonbelievers do end up in hell as you claim, well that's our choice to make, isn't it? If heaven is filled with all the goodie-goodie no fun types, I'd rather join my friends in hell anyway.
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    • But based on people's life after death experiences, hell is worse than anything you can imagine, where you will be tortured forever.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    I don`t support gay marriage...

    Vagina was made for the penis
    Not penis for penis
    Not penis for anus
    Adam was made for Eve
    He was not made for Steve
    No if's no but's nor maybe's
    Dicks and butts will make no babies
    Man to man is so unjust
    Man to man just brings disgust
    I don't even like the word bottom
    Never gonna get to the bottom of things
    Never gonna hit rock bottom
    No never gonna go to the bottom of a street
    I don't like Marvin Gaye
    Why is her named Peter Gaye
    If I should sprain my ankle
    I will never use Bengay
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  • somebodysaycheese
    More women support gay marriage because of thrid wave feminism and our nurture side.
    Gay men have been in anything "female" related since I remember. Women have been the face of the LGBT community. We have been the ones fighting for their rights.
    But im positive if the lgbt community haven't been such a huge part of womens culture since the 70's less women would support it. Why you think some people dont understand why some women dont support it? Cause those people werent conditioned.
  • PT1911
    Cultural Marxism and Saul Alinsky bruh.

    The dissolution of the family as the stable unit of society.

    Aslo, its a fact that women are more emotional than men, ergo, they go more with "feel good" politics (which ironically, is how Alinksy was able to organize so well)
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  • relaxrelax
    because the gay community is all about how you FEEL


    men don't think as much with feelings

    which is honestly a great thing

    now for me i believe in GOD
    so its wrong
    men and women is the way to go
    that simple
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  • Josht13
    The religious aspect was shit I'm not exactly pro gay but the religious argument was just dog shit.
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  • ACrazyHaggis
    bah most scots dont give a dam let them get married
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  • Rkrnrnej
    Its because women need to know who's gay and who isn't
  • Dred1614returns
    Great take.
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  • Adigelunar
    2Thanks for sharing
  • Anonymous
    Let me guess, you don't support gay marriage?
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  • Anonymous
    Dude, this was so sexist and homophobic... I personally think those with common sense mind their business and not worry about who marries who...
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