I poured out my heart and no response?

I text my ex why we couldn't talk anymore and keep in contact because every-time we talk it ends up turning into a argument. He said before he just wants to keep in contact with me and make sure i'm ok but I told him he doesn't have to. but after i sent him a long text he didn't even acknowledge my text or respond to it I mean at least say you understand


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  • This is why I believe ex's should break contact with one another. There are generally three scenarios when ex's continue to contact each other.

    1) Fast forward a few months or a year or so and they hate each other's guts
    2) Fast forward a few months or a year or so and one of them is heartbroken a second time when the other starts a new relationship.
    3) Fast forward a few months or a year or so and they are good friends.

    Sadly, scenarios 1 and 2 are the most common outcomes. Perhaps, Anon, it's for the best that he's not returning your text.

    The last girlfriend I had before I met my wife ended our relationship. She put her arms around me, kissed me very tenderly, and said, "Good bye. You take care of yourself." Oh, we did bump into each other from time to time, but it was accidental. This is the kind of memory you want to have of your ex. Not memories of arguing and heartache.

    • so what do you think the reason he is not even acknowledging my text

    • I'm afraid I don't know. Perhaps a more important question to ask is one that you should ask yourself; Am I doing everything I can to move on? Is it worth having these feelings of wondering why he's not answering me?

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  • Sometimes just moving on is what is needed. I had the same thing happen and we dropped all contact and we moved on for a while. Maybe one day (depending on how close you two were) he will realize if he should not have given you up or that maybe you are actually happier without him


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  • I never understood why so many use the words "you don't have to."

    Like, well, duh. No one's pointing a gun to his head. When a person says they want to, it usually means just that, they actually WANT to.

    • I understand that ans your point but I don't want because I still have a lot of emotions for him and its hard for me to be just friends with someone I still love

    • Then don't say "you don't have to," don't beat around the bush, if you can't do it, say you can't do it.

      Your words should reflect what you want to say.

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