My aries dude left me and I need to do something,?

well, my ex and I had our problems last month, i gave him some space but i couldn't keep on giving it to him because I'm deeply in love with him, his grandpa died the day we fought and in his funeral and I felt insecure because he didn't call when he was sad and he just kept staying away. after a week from his grandpa's death I talked to him and things were fine until I found out that he hangs with his friends (boys and girls) behind my back saying we're just boys but he didn't cheated, the thing is we fought because of a girl he knows and we broke up. He is the kind of guy who whenever he gets mad he wants to be left alone for a while, i couldn't do that and i kept on sending msgs and call phones until he blocked me everywhere even Facebook. i know he loves me but his anger and ego is huge, what should I do? should I disappear so he could look for me? or show that I'm ok and living my life , or give it a month then try to talk to him? I'm really confused and I miss him so bad :( i feel like he's blaming me for his grandpa's death as if he wants to put his anger in something and I am that thing.. by the way we have been on and off in our relationship for 5 years and now I'm so attached to him so i can't wait for months to get back to him anymore,


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  • Lemme stop you right about...'i know he loves me but his anger and ego is huge' HERE.
    He blocked you, doesn't answer your calls, ignores your phone, and IS YOUR EX.
    He obviously doesn't love you and maybe doesn't want to put up with your weird stalker junk anymore?
    Or, maybe he wouldn't be you ex? Sounds like your egos he; 'he loves me so much that he..he..he..' Never answers your calls?

    'i feel like he's blaming me for his grandpa's death as if he wants to put his anger in something and I am that thing' Stop rationalizing because you sound insecure, what if he doesn't want anything to do with you anymore? Hows it angry if he just isn't contacting you?

    'should I disappear so he could look for me? or show that I'm ok and living my life , or give it a month then try to talk to him'
    Playing games probably got you in this mess, and maybe between the two of you why you've both wasted so much time in a 5 year crap relationship.

    If you really love someone, you'll RESPECT THEY'RE SPACE AND PRIVACY. no excuses, no exceptions.
    And you wouldn't be playing emotional games about what you 'want to do' to try to get the RESULT THAT YOU SELFISHLY WANT.
    grow up

    • but how when he unblocked me after two days from the fight and talked to me after he stopped being mad, then the girl came along with shit to say that i said about her and he felt angry again, then came the part where i called him and he re blocked me again. grow up? for being hurt? or not understanding what happened in my relationship, for god sake some people need to put their selves into other people's shoes before saying such things

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    • Truth hurts if your BSing around, trying to pretend and Act a certain way to get what you want.
      The word I'm seeking is Conniving.

      Like YOU said, put yourself in someone elses shoes, if he cared for you; would he appreciate you manipulating a situation?
      Everythings about you, he can't just be upset about a loved family member dying without it suddenly being about you. Yup I got it...

    • well i was afraid because he kept on changing pictures on whatsapp and ignoring me when all I wanted was to make him feel better, i was afraid he might be needing someone else, or he would be mad if i didn't try to comfort him.. it was new for me to deal with this i wanted to show him that i care, but the huge problem and i realized this now that his friends are brain washing him for being always with me for the past 5 months, i really want to fix things and give him a bigger space if needed as long as he's with me..

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  • So wait... You didn't give him space and you don't like he was hanging out with friends? It sounds like he was just going through a tough time and wanted some space but you didn't leave him alone like he wanted so he got mad at you. It sounds like you were being a bit too clingy. Give him space and stop contacting him, let him come to you.


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  • I had a girl block me entirely on Facebook and cell texts I think or she just wasn't replying but its weird she still talks to me when I see her at local bars , has talked to me the last 2 times I've seen her out. people just block other people they know still want to be friends with them for rather stuiped reason , often out of jealously or anger or looking for revenge. you can block someone easily on Facebook but can't block someone in real life

    • we are living in a community of closed doors, a big city where we have to take a taxi to visit each other, seeing him is impossible and i told him I will come over during the fight but he said i don't want to see your face and i know deep down it came out of anger

  • Honestly, maybe he needs time to explore his options and wonders.Maybe he is taking a brake from the relationship and yes breaks are good

    • but we had enough with breaks i'm really tired and i can't wait around like that, i don't talk to guys even when we break up because i know he might think i'm like other girls who screw around thats why i'm keeping myself clean, but now i want him back and if he's not coming back i need to know that he's sure 100% he doesn't want me anymore and it is not because of anger

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  • You dont find him, you move one


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