ATTENTIN BOYS: what does it mean when you cry over a break up?

my boyfriend broke up with me on Thursday and he started crying, and he's like it takes me a lot to cry.

im confused if he was crying then why would he break it off


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  • What Noblesse said basically. Maybe he thinks he's not good enough for you. Maybe he's too stressed to have a relationship, Ask him why

    • he says that I've lawys put in effort and he just can't give what i deserve, i mean im really easy going so i never saw it as a problem whereas he probably thought it was a massive problem. he texted me after the break up he was like 'never accept anyone who puts in less effort, never take less than you're worth'

      do you think itll be ok if i met up with him just so i can explain to him in person, because if i dont i won't be able to move on, i

    • Yeah, he has low self-esteem. Lots of guys go through that in their late teens and early twenties. In his heart, he still wants to be with you and will agonize without you. If you chat with him, you'll probably get him back.

    • i just need to have a chat, in order for myself to move on, i just need to fully explain to him so i feel satisfied he understands etc etc

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  • He loves you but he has some things going on
    is making him feel things won't work out
    he is crying cause he has emotions for you
    he is crying cause he loves you but broke
    it off cause something happened maybe
    he cheated, maybe he is depressed
    maybe his parents or other people are
    are stressing him , i cried when me
    and my first girlfriend (ex) broke up

  • Most likely because he feels bad for you. He knows he's hurting you, so maybe he's a compassionate guy and he feels your pain.

  • probably one of those " i have to but dont want to break ups"

  • It happens. He loves you but thinks it won't work.

  • It means we are pretty darn sad about it

  • I'm cynical maybe it's manipulation

  • That girl was DA BOMB!!


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