Missed call from ex months later?

So, some background. My ex and I dated for almost four years. We were very serious (we were each other's first everything, he pushed the whole wanting to get married someday, a promise ring, I was very close to his family etc.) We had been doing long distance for the majority (never doing that again) with plans that we would move to the same city after college. Well his senior year (he's a year older) he told me that he wanted to break up. I was devastated because his only answer to why was "I don't know" and "I've had a bad feeling about us for a few weeks." lame, I know. The break-up was really drawn out because I'm stupid and couldn't stop contacting him. it didn't help that he ALWAYS responded to my contact whether phone or text. he was still saying "I love you" two months after the initial break-up. Well, I finally got wise and blocked him on all social media and deleted his phone number. We haven't spoken in 5 months and I've FINALLY started moving on. well, I got a missed call from what I recognized as his number the other night. I keep trying to tell myself that it was an accident, but I can't stop thinking about it. Why hasn't he deleted my number? Why do I care so much? I'm starting to date again, and I really would like this not looming in the back of my head.


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  • Well... You have two options here!

    1. You can call him back, re initiate contact with him again and see what he has to say to you and re evaluate it from there. You may not want to get back together with him though after what he put you through. It really hurts knowing someone you loved so much putting you through that pain. But if you still have more than enough feeling for him give me a call back or a text to see whatsup. But this is also risky Becuase what if it was a mistake. You text him and be dosent text you back of answer his phone. Then it hurts you more again and will set you back even more again. So this is the risk taker option

    2. You don't call him back, you keep moving forward forgetting about this person. You find someone great who won't put you through this pain ever again and will love to spend all of there time with you making you happy and feeling like a princess again. Having that moment of falling in love with someone new again that you truly care and trust. So the power is back in your hands and you have to options. Choose wisely, but I think your mind is already made up :)

    Please answer mine to if you have some time :)

    • I'm not wanting to get back with him. And I think the next step is to block him from my phone, even though I haven't found the courage to do so. Part of me just really wants him to call and apologize for being a truly selfish person and dragging me through a long break-up. But, I know that's expecting too much.

      thank you for your advice.

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  • He could still care about you on some level, but you also have to remember that he's the one who wanted to break up. there's a chance it could easily have been a mistake, but he could also want to tell you he wants to get back togetyer. It depends on your feelings for him. If you still deeply care for him I would call him back, but also keep in mind that it could be nothing. If you want to move on and forget about him, clear your calls and keep reminding yourself that he was the one who wanted to end it. Good luck, I hope I was able to help. :)

  • Call him back


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