What does it mean if an ex boyfriend apologizes months later?

Hi, I find myself very confused but I'm gonna make it short. My ex boyfriend dumped me five months ago out of the blue and said some hurtful things. He was very hot and cold and I was very clingy for a while but I don't really see why you would break up with someone because of that.. We agreed to remain friends but I cut him off when he slept with someone else and showed it in my face after I gave him the cold shoulder. Ever since then he's been trying to get my attention, expressed how sad he was through social media every now and then. Just recently he sent me a message where he apologized for hurting me and said that he's there for me if I want to talk (about what?). I replied shortly, acting very guarded/uninterested while he sent smileys and asked me friendly questions but then he stopped writing.
I was always hoping that he'd apologize because I still have feelings for him and I do want to be with him.

My question is, just how should I look at this? Is that it or does he still have feelings for me? Like should I write to him and show him that I'm interested or will I make a huge fool out of myself? We were officially in a relationship.
What does it mean if an ex boyfriend apologizes months later?
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