After a brake up.. if I were to go MIA, on my ex no fb, no nothing, will It make him curious?

or should I show that I am happy and put my fb back on and act like I am doing great.. not being "extra" just leaving the fb open, and If im having fun take a pic here and there or COMEPLETELY GO MIA


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  • Yes, but it depends why did u guys break up? i am currently doing the NC rule for about a week or 2 to see if she will hit me up, But this isn't about me lol what u guys argue over?

    • We fight too much, Cus he has communication issues, I dm doing the same NC rule, and I haven't heard from him..
      I'm starting to think
      It's really over

    • NC will show u if it was meant to be keep the rule it will show if miss you as i said. Funny because i broke my No Contact rule a little yesterday to tell my ex girlfriend i accept everything the friendship i accept even if she doesn't come back as long as she is happy , Then we had a nice little convo after then she disappeared but its like while we were talking she was curious about what i was up 2 "NOW THATS WHY U KEEP NO CONTACT" they will always be wondering if your ok , what u are doing , he will call just keep urself busy he will be able to live without him and the day u least expect it he will come right back to where u want him

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  • I'm actually in that situation lol and I deactivated my fb and just stay on twitter. But I agree with what the other girl said; If he didn't truly care for you, then it won't matter to him.

    • doesn't it suck? I have my Ig on lol which is way better than fb lol

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    • lol, ya. it irks for me to see that now he is "accepting" req from random girls, now if we do that, than we R wrong!!! lol smfh

    • What do you mean "accpeting" req lol?

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  • Chances are if he didn't want you he won't care. I would say let him see that you are having a good time. without overdoing it.


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