Why is my ex-boyfriend holding on to my stuff after he broke up with me?

My boyfriend and I dated 6 months and traveled to many places together. He introduced his 3 young children to my parents and grandparents. He told me he loved and missed me every day. Two weeks after our Caribbean Cruise, he broke up with me (he cried while doing it). His ex-girlfriend emailed me through Facebook and said he took her to dinner the night before he broke up with me saying he loved her. Through our FB conversations, we found out he lied about both of us (telling me she was rude and argumentative and immature and vice versa about me). I was halfway moved in, too. When he brought the majority of my big item stuff to me, he said he forgot the other stuff and will bring it the following week. Also, the following day, he texted me and said It was great seeing me but he doesn't know where to go from here. He never brought my stuff. I finally got a hold of him and he said he would mail my items. It's been 1.5 months and I still have not received my stuff. What does this mean and why is he holding on to my stuff? Also, just for the record, my stuff includes: passport, house key, gate remote, food chopper/grinder, and my work notebook (notes from client meetings and board meetings).

I need help - why is he holding on to my things and why won't he return my emails/texts? I've only emailed him once in the last month (and that was this morning)... never texting him.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, iThink He Is Holding Your Stuff Because He Knows You Will Continuously Contact Him For It, He Knows Once He Gives It Back Then You Will Be Gone From His Life & He Doesn't Want That. (Sounds Crazy iKnow.) He Is Tryna Keep You Anyway He Can, Either Call The Police To Escort You Or Go Get It Yourself. Sorry Your Going through This, Stay Positive & Stay Strong...

    • So even tho he's not responding to me at al... he still wants me to contact him?

    • So he said he nailed them a few weeks ago.

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    Girl, he has your identity. He is stealing your identity.
    Get your passport and keys back, fight that loser.
    Call the police.

    He does NOT love you after 6 months of dating
    He does NOT love you if he still goes out to dinner with his ex.
    He does NOT have time for you if he does not reply to his texts
    It's almost like he planned all this or has done this before, I'm super suspicious over this guy and it has been near 2 months and you have not done anything.
    NEVER move in with a guy after 6 months, that is not enough time to truly know someone.
    If he loved you, why break up with you? It sounds like he got what he wanted, he was after the passport and that the whole time then kicked you to the curb.

    • If he lied about who you are as a person, who knows what else he lied about.

    • Ok that was a bit extreme with the "he was after the passport and that the whole time" so long as he's not using your passport to allow someone into the country illegally lol. I do think that you should report it ASAP to the police as stolen and save all communication you had with him as that could prove handy.

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