My recently ex bf blocked me on instagram after he broke up with me?

my bf broke up with me last aug 10th, i kinda provoke him by making him jealous. and i feel bad about it and i know it is not a smart thing to do. but he said he is done with our fighting. after he broke up with me, he unfriend me on Facebook but didn't block me, he just blocked me on instagram, i can still see his profile because its on public and he is still friends with my friends, and he haven't deleted the pictures that we had, not sure if he blocked me on his phone, i haven't tried calling him, the last day we texted was Sunday after that he didn't text anymore, i texted him again on wed then again on friday, then today saturday. i just told him i didn't go out with the guy he's being jealous of.. he didn't reply any of these messages, im not gonna text him tomorrow till next week, the whole week, its his finals i dont want to distract him and its my finals too, im still friends with him on snap chat but the 3 pictures that i sent he haven't open it yet, and im still friends with him on skype, i can see he's online.
,, so im not sure if he's doing this for revenge and give me a lesson, this is the longeat time were fighting. 1wk and longest time he ignored him, before we broke up and we didn't talk for 5 days, but he never blocked me like this before. is it a bad idea to got to hia place next week? and after no contact? i wiil talk to him to work it out but if not i just want my stuffs back and ill return the things he gave to me, because i dont want any memory of him while im
moving on. so im 50/50 on this, im still hoping we'll get back together but I don't know if he will.. :(
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after a week of no contact, i texted my ex with a long ass message, stating how i realiZe my mistakes, what can i do about it, why i acted like that on our petty fight.. i also told him how much i love him, but i also told him im getting tired of him
+1 y
always trying to break up with me
everytime we fight, and im willing to move on. he agreed to meet in person, were gonna meet in the place where we first met and we went there too on our first break up Report
+1 y
we're back together :)
My recently ex bf blocked me on instagram after he broke up with me?
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