Dealing with an ex who says they hold "no ill will towards you". But, their actions speak otherwise?

Yesterday, I called my ex out on her polarizing behavior & mindgames. Through social media platforms she would do some ridiculous things follow my blog, ask me to play app games and block/unblock me randomly. I can only see this as an individual who was seeking attention in some fashion or another.

Nevertheless, I called her out on her behavior in a very straightforward. But, respectful text message: Hey ****, I've tried to be pragmatic about the situation that has taken place between you and I over the past couple of months. I certainly can't control the fact that you refuse to see me in person for whatever the reason. But, I definitely don't adhere to the games you've been playing for the past few weeks. I find it puzzling that someone can ignore a casual "Hey, how are you?" text. But, can send app invites or decide to follow/unfollow a blog multiple times. If you don't want to be bothered with me anymore. I would appreciate it if you would state that and I will not contact you again.

Nevertheless, she responded back with "please do not message me again". Then forty minutes later sent me two messages saying "i have forgiven you over the months but i cannot forget what you did to me. it took me to step back to realize how disrespected i felt. I hope you find what you are looking for in life. I hold no ill will towards you"
It doesn't really bother me that she said "please do not message me again". I have no problem eliminating someone from my life who is straightforward with his/her feelings. But, I do find her statement in the 2nd part extremely contradictory.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Cut All Contact, Ignore Her & Move On. She doesn't Want Anything To Do With You But At The Same Time She doesn't Wanna Completely Cut You Out Her Life. Cut Her Off & Be Free, Stay Strong & Stay Positive...

    • I'm definitely moving on from the situation and don't plan on even contacting her again. But. I do find her statements extremely contradictory and rude.

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