My boyfriend left me for his "best friend" somebody please help, I am so heartbroken?

So I dated this guy for 3 months. We had a very strong emotional and physical connection. We spent LITERALLY every day together and we made a great team. He would always tell me that he's never felt this way with anyone, that I made him feel alive again and I've made a positive impact on his life. All of his friends and family loved me and accepted me as their own. They thought we were good for each other.
Except for one of his friends who was always rude towards me. She is a female. They've been friends for 14 years and claim it's always been platonic.
Well eventually we ended up breaking up because of a couple problems of our own. A day later he's in a relationship with her.

I talked to him about it and he said that the reason he's with her is because it's "safe and comfortable, but he's not really attracted to her and has no affections for her... she's just comfortable"

Now I am entirely hurt by this because he swears that his feelings for me were true, but now he's dating HER? I am so hurt by this and confused.

I should also mention that he went through a divorce earlier this year, so he's still scarred from all of the hurt he went through which probably has something to do with it.

Can anyone please give me their input as to what you think is really going on here?


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  • He is looking for love , and since you said you date 3 months and he left and his divorce tells me , he needs to be healed by love , you must have always had lust. love- spending time , having dinner, going for dance Taking care of each other and cherishing each other , sex does not matters, here I am telling you dear keep this in mind Honey if you want to know the truth, women's have 1 brain in their heads , but men's have 2 brain one in head and other between the leg the dick, when it comes to women , it they cannot decide on one because their are 2 brains , dick wants the one which is sexy and hot with pleasure , and real brain wants the lovely, admirable, beautiful one , the trick is to figure out with which brain the boy is thinking at that moment because the thinking from actual brain and dick change time to time according to conversation , surrounding etc. If you want to make him think from brain meet him alone and sober, you want him to think with his dick , add some alcohol, baby right now I am thinking with my dick that is why I am splashing this key into your hands. The thing about this guy looks like he has lost his brain of dick, he needs love and to be cherished that is why he could leave you so easily.

    • I did cherish him. And it wasn't all about the sex because we did plenty more than just sex. Did I even mention anything about sex in this post? No. We always just enjoyed each other's company and sex was lower on our priority list.

    • Then you are maybe not his type , and you have full rights to move on, dear. but keep in a link joined to him as friends if you had something special then keep your relationship in sweet condition.

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  • Listen... I try to tell y'all girls. Female best friends are laying in wait to fuck him or take him lol that's the only thing they're there for. You think they need a man as a best friend when there are millions of women who could relate to them better? nope.

    He got divorced this year? How long were y'all dating?


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  • He may be saying the true, going with what is comfortable. Same reason after I had my first break up with a woman I 100% was into, I had no desire to risk investing myself that much emotionally again. He might be in a similar place, thinking practical, or so he would think.

  • You only dated for 3 months. You guys are done with, it doesn't matter why or what he is doing now.

    The most healthy thing for you to do is to cut him out of your life completely.

    Don't waste time looking for a reason with love, there usually isn't one in this area of life.


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  • Wow, is he an older guy? He needs a companion. He picked his best friend cos she'd seen him at his worst and best.


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