GF Dumped me cause we had too many arguments?

We really fell in love with each other and only been going out for like 4 months, but then she dumped me after a small vacation like 5 days and we had an argument before she went away, when she got back she avoided me and didn't want to talk untill the day she got ready to dump me and i knew what was coming, i tried to reason with her and said we could resolve the issues since our arguments were kind of small but we could get into arguments like 1 time a week sometimes twice, but i never thought they were something to make a big fuss over, but i know exactly what i did wrong and i know she lost respect for me cause i'd usually just apologize cause i thought the relationship was more worth than these petty small arguments so i always apologized first etc, and i bet she lost respect for me and thought i was a doormat. Since we broke up i didn't communicate to her in anyway she always got nervous if she saw me etc, i just kept my cool and greeted her and her friends and was my usual self even though i thought i was dumped. Her friends tried to always like indirectly make me jealous etc, and i don't like these games since she broke up with me why can't we just cut off all contact? After our break up i told her we can't be friends since i still have feelings and she got angry. I haven't acted needy or anything i've not had any contact with her for like a month and shown her i dont need her. Yet ever since we broke up she keeps posting songs on her fb, from the beginning it was mostly moving on songs etc, now after i've tried to remove her from my life she posts sad songs about missing someone etc, Yet she has not texted me or anything, usually she hangs around with her friends on the same places but still, if she misses me why not contact me, i for one know that if i truly loved someone i would contact them even if i got burned.
Well im just gonna move to Frankfurt and catch up with all of my old friends.
Appreciate the help thanks! Time to move on start a new chapter


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  • What ever reason she dumped you, move on and quit trying to figure it out. She's made up her mind. You'll just be wasting time now.

  • She's trying to get over her emotions (sometimes takes a long time), and sappy songs are helping her. They are probably not some hidden message to you. More like wearing a sweater all winter and then noticing when it's not there come spring.

    You're not going to like this advice, but: take her out of your FB feed (you can do that w/o unfriending her). It'll make moving on from her a bit easier for you >.< And if she's going to be dramatic about getting over you, you'll need anything that makes it easier :/

    (BTW, have you considered that b/c you just apologised right off in an argument meant the two of you never worked out some of the underlying problems that were sparking the arguments?)

    • Yeah actually that's the thing we never worked out the problems, that's why I've felt I have learned a lot about myself etc, from this relationship and the time being single. That's why I'd still like to try again but starting slowly of course, but I don't know what to do.. I don't know if it's just my mind playing tricks on me but sometimes it feels like she wants attention from me or something but then I don't want to get stringed along.

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    • Yeah but those arguments weren't something that couldn't be fixed.. and we had our share of good times aswell, heck anyways I'll just see what happens and move on.

    • "each time i see her she gets all stressed out and keeps staring at the ground avoiding eye contact even when i talk to her friends and ignore her but still i am polite" Oh yeah, she's still got emotion chemicals racing through her body when she sees you... that's not something she can control.

      I know what you mean about having good times together too. Sometimes that's not enuf. Good luck with it...

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