Ex-boyfriend keeps liking my instagram photos?

It's so irritating. He broke up with me LAST WEEK, over an argument me and his brother had and is saying I'm too bossy because I took it personal his brother made sexist comments about my cooking.

It was so irrational.

He said he loves me, he just can't be with me. Also he's from another country.

He has liked ALL of my photos I've posted EXCEPT the one where I was out having fun and drinking a beer with friends.

I don't want to unfriend him, but the constant reminder is driving me insane.

I even commented and tagged him with 3 frustrated emojis to send the message that even though my selfie is all happy, I'm stressed. He didn't comment back! Instead he liked the photo I posted this morning. WTF?


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  • It's a website for posting small photos. People can click on them to indicate they like said photos. Maybe you should just live your life and not lose your mind over insignificant things. If you want him to know you are unhappy, tell him; don't try to send messages by posting emoji.

    Summa summarum: if he likes your photos, so be it. I am sure many people click the like button on them. I do so on pics I think are basically meh, but they have significance to someone I care about, so I "like" them. I wouldn't click like on pics of my ex partying, because I'm not entirely over her yet. Then again I'm not following her on social media.


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  • You overcooked the pasta? Well, what can you expect, then? I'd break up with you, too!


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  • So if you don't want him like your stuff tell him that, why are u over thinking it's a social network he has all right to like what ever he want it's freedom and if u don't want get likes from him block him to easy..


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