Why did my crush unfriend me on Facebook?

I dont get it! i try not to bug her and she doesn't seem bugged so thats out of the question but i just dont get it. i didn't even tell her i have a crush on her! I said "Hey" and the message marked "seen". then a few minutes later i say "R you there?" but this time it's not seen. i go to her Facebook page and instead of saying "friends" it tells me to send a friend request. What could have been the cause of this?


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  • I know you said you didn't tell her you liked her, but in my experience, a guy rarely messages a girl on Facebook unless he's family or he's interested in her. She probably picked up in the fact that you like her and decided to cut it off rather than give you false hope for something more than a dead end road.
    Either that, or when you messaged her she saw your name, asked herself who you are and why she's friends with you, and unfriended you because she has no idea who you are.


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  • You can't get an explanation of everything >.< Have you ever spoke to her in person? if not that shows you aren't confident buddy. Girls like confidence. Also your display picture on Facebook is what the first impression would be. If she didn't like your first impression she probably isn't into. You need to find another way to approach her or move on. Not all crushes can be dreams come true.


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  • She probably knows you like her and is annoyed because she doesn't like you. Or she thinks she is "to cool" for you. Dont worry brush it off and move to the next :)

  • She's not that into you, dude. Sorry. Move on.

    • Yeah but i didn't even mention it and i would be totally fine with at least knowing WHY she unfriended me.

    • Oops.. Accidentally downgraded answer (SWEAR IT WAS ON ACCIDENT) How to remove rating? >.< omg im such an idiot

    • Don't sweat it.

      Who knows why. Maybe you remind her of somebody she doesn't like. Maybe you annoyed her at school. Maybe she has a jealous bf that doesn't want her to have guy friends, or maybe her parents don't.

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