Should I accept my ex-bf friend request on Instagram?

I just met this guy two months ago and we dated and we had a bitter and sweet relationship but we had many misunderstanding in this relationship so we both decided to end it,, it only passed 4 days since we broke up but he is calling me sending me texts,, send me our photos we took together,, our selfies,, I dont know what to do,, i reallyy like him but iam not sure if i should answer him or better keep away bcz of the break up?>
few weeks ago i got mad of him and i unfollowed him from instagram later i asked him to follow me again but he said he won't do it bcz i kinda humilated him and now we broke up but today i saw his friend request.
Shall i accept his request? what would he think if i do this?

Thanks for helping me.


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  • listen, he sounds like he genuinely cares about you, and if you really like him and his texts and what not are speaking for him liking you a lot then i really would suggest talking to him and compromising and talking about what went wrong and how to fix it and give it another shot. the grass isn't always greener on the other side. dont ignore a guy who cares about you please

    • Thanks for ur comment. Yes i think he likes me but i dont trust him because we had an argument last month and during a week we were cold together,, In that time he went and cheated on me and i found it out!!! and i broke up with him,, he cried and he asked me to forgive him,, I forgave him because I feel love for him but i told him Ill give him the time to fix the things up,, BUT i coudnt trust him,, I was suspicious about everything he has done and i was jealous all the time,,, thats why our relationship didn't work actually,,, but I still love him and i can't forgive him that easy,, i want to punish him by not talking to him for a while,,, but i also affraid if he would forget me if iam not talking to him in a month.

    • nevermind, didn't know he cheated, keep ignoring him, he ain't the one for you, and dont rationalize that he only did it becuase you two were being cold to each other, my ex and i hardly speak to each other and have been done for a month nearly and neither of us have even kissed anyone else yet, even in a break up for a time, if a girl means the world to a guy then he won't find other girls attractive and won't act in such a way

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  • Yes, accept his request. At least see what he has to say.
    If you both broke up over petty reasons, try to fix it and work on your relationship.
    So, e things are not worth breaking up over, especially when you find someone you truly care about.

  • I wouldn't to be honest. I would give it some time and not talk or accept him too soon. But its up to you if you want to accept his request and talk to him :3


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