Why did my ex unblock me on Facebook?

So after a bit of drama, which happened after I was already blocked on Facebook, my ex and I decided not to be friends, and to move on with our own lives. However, by chance, (as in I was creeping another friend when I found this) I noticed that he had unblocked me on Facebook. I'm confused as to why he would unblock me when he flat out told me that he wanted me to leave him alone, and he blocked me to force me to leave him alone. We had a bit of a messy breakup, and didn't stop talking for a long time after the breakup (two months to be exact), which is when he blocked me. The drama started two weeks after he blocked me and that's when he and I talked and he told me that he wanted me to leave him alone. ANYWAY, I'm just wondering what would cause him to unblock me if he wanted me to leave him alone?


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  • You need to analyze your own actions - you are very focused on your ex. This question should be the least of your worries. Focus on yourself and your recovery - you can't go on like this because your emotional state will be controlled by his whim (even when he doesn't actively try - such as changing his Facebook settings).

    I know it's not easy to do this and it gets easier with time. Take control of your emotions - distance yourself and don't worry about this :)

    • It has been difficult, he hasn't made it easy. He constantly tweets about me and picks fights with me and stuff

    • Focus on your own strength - you are stronger than you know this I promise you. Make the decision now to not look at his Twitter feed, to ignore his Facebook feed and start the healing process.

      A wound will never heal if it is continually opened, you'll be better for it and I know you can absolutely do this! :)

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  • Well when he blocked you he got peace lol. So maybe he unblocked in the hope you got the hint to stay away permanently. Stalking your ex is bad idea. Forget him, he's shown you mean nothing to him so why would you care what he does. Respect yourself and move on :) life's tooo short to even think backwards. he's an ex lol don't let him play with your head!!!

    • That's what I'm confused about. He didn't find peace because he picked a fight with me while I was blocked, and was making a lot of rude comments about me on Facebook that I couldn't even see and people had to tell me about.

      I wasn't necessarily stalking him. I stumbled upon him while on a mutual friends profile, and noticed he was visible again.

    • Oh ok well he's an ex not your bf so focus on you and your happiness :)

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  • Because he's curiots he want to know if your with so eels or how are carrying without him. Mainly just for gossiping


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