Why would my ex block me on facebook but nothing else?

Nearly three weeks since they broke up with me.
They have blocked me on facebook and deleted all their tags from my photos of us.
But not blocked through a messaging app or other social media.

Why would they do that? Any experience?
They unfriended me so I couldn't have seen any photos, posts or their friends list anyway.
Just one ex. A he :p


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  • They don't think it is necessary because you are not harassing them via there.

    So apparently you are not an annoying ex.

    • No I'm not harrassing them by any means. He messaged me to tell me he would drop my things the following day and he didn't. So I left it two days to check he actually didn't (it crossed my mind it could have been left on the step and mistaken for rubbish!)

      So those couple texts is all he has heard from me.

      I thought perhaps he blocked me and untagged my photos to stop memories and prevent temptation of trying to see what I'm up to or look at my photos.

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    • Ok I've added you. Don't think I can message unless you follow me too. I'm from uk 29.

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  • Maybe they just forgot to block you on other social networking sites or maybe they are not "that" active on those sites. or they are trying to show you on purpose that you are nothing for them anymore and they blocked you

    • KNowing him definitely didn't forget!
      I thought maybe he didn't want to be able to see my photos anymore.
      He wasn't 100% when we broke up. I think he saw it as the kindest thing to do.

    • Maybe he was hurt or he didn't wanted to look at something from the past that would hurt him so he just blocked you so that he can control himself from looking at your pics or maybe there's another reason why he blocked.

  • Is there more than one ex?

    • He has been my only boyfriend or the last 5 years. I have one other ex on my facebook which is someone from 10 years ago. My recent ex boyfriend has several exs on his facebook.

      ( wasn't sure exactly of the questions hense every possible answer!)

    • I was just confused because you used the word they

    • Yes I can understand that.

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