Ex gf is upset that I didn't fight for her. What's her problem?

Has any ladies ever been in her situation? She dumped me after 4 years together.. I told her I didn't want a breakup and she said we wanted different things. We said stuff like we'll always love each other. I've learned my lesson to never beg a girl back cause it pushes them away.

We didn't have contact for 3 weeks and she caved in and texted me saying she missed me and wanted to go for drinks. I agreed and planned the date. She mentions saying I wished you would've fought for me. I told her i want to work it out then she says she's confused. She said she still loves me and wants to be with me cause I'm the one for her.

I told her the same and I want to make it work and it should be her responsibility to show me since she's the one that dumped me. Am I wrong here that I didn't beg her back?


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  • I believe you did the right thing. What she said about you not fighting for her, that's a defense mechanism that we humans use to blame others for our actions. I mean, she obviously thinks she made a mistake, by saying that you didn't fight enough, she's just trying to blame you for a decision that she took. I think you did the right thing, however, if you are really wanting to try again and you love her, try to work on whatever that went wrong together or you will end up in the same situation again and again.

    • Very mature answer.

    • She wants to meet me up for drinks and to talk. What do you think is on her mind?

    • I think she wants to tell you how much she misses you and she wants to hear the same thing back. If you really miss her, please do tell her, make her feel confident, but tell her that you need to know what went wrong because you want you both to work on it. Make sure that you compromise the two of you, don't compromise alone or she would do the same thing again. Also (and this depends on if you really want to go back with her) tell her that you really want her and that she can't blame you for not fighting over her, since you believe that you did and that you are still doing it just by meeting her to talk.

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  • Am I wrong here that I didn't beg her back?



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