Why did my ex-gf cry because I'm ignoring her, even though she's seeing someone else?

I recently blocked my ex of 2 years on FB and started ignoring her. It started when I went to her house to get the last of my things and she's been pretty upset ever since. The thing is, it's been a month since we stopped seeing each other and she's already seeing another guy, which is the biggest reason I began ignoring her.

The past few days, she has texted me more than she has all month. Lately, it's just been her saying how upset she is that I'm avoiding her and how she never wants to lose me. Yesterday, she came to my dorm to talk to me and asked me to stop ignoring her. She latched onto my arm and started crying, but all I could say is how hard it is to see her with someone else. She cried the whole time and kept saying she doesn't want to lose me. Later on, she texted me asking to unblock her on FB. I just told her to give me a little time and left it at a that.

That same day, there was an event at the college we go to and we both ended up going. She was there with the guy she is seeing and she just seemed depressed and distant. I didn't talk to her at all and just kept avoiding her. After the event, my friend said she posted a status saying she was feeling down and she also told my friend that she about had a mental breakdown being at the event.

I never wanted us to BU and I definitely do still have a lot of feelings for her. I'm not over her at all and I can't stand ignoring her. I just can't be her friend if she's seeing someone else and seeing them together hurts too much. I know she isn't over me either because she told my friend that she still has feelings for me too. Part of me is still holding out for her, but I just don't understand this whole situation at all. I'm really tempted to unblock her, but I don't know...
Why did my ex-gf cry because I'm ignoring her, even though she's seeing someone else?
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