Ex Gf reached out to me after a month (she blocked me and left with no closure). She reaches out and then disappears? why?

My ex reached out to me after a month since we broke up. She told me a week after we broke up what happened... and sparked a fight and led to us stop talking.

so wed last week that month she responds to my email from a month to the day. with hi

i responded Thursday with hey.

Friday night she sent me an e-mail "maybe we should hang out again" then followed by a text - hi?

I responded to the text, with hi.

30-45 mins of silence i said whats up?

she responded nm u

i responded nm

so this was 12:30am (and decided to stop texting)

11am I wake up and she is my first thought and decided to respond to her e-mail.

if you want to hang out, just ask
if you need more time to think, then take all the time you need.

I haven't heard back from her? Its weird she reached out to me wed night around 1030 and Friday around 10pm.. but then radio silence?



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What Girls Said 1

  • Not sure but she is playing games. Ignore her.

    • I sent her a text a few minutes ago, "Hey did you want to meet up this week for a drink? I saw your e-mail on Friday and i was tied up this weekend." waiting for a reply.
      She responded: "I go back and forth wheter or not that's a good idea"
      I responded, "Take the time you need, when you figure it out.. Let me know

What Guys Said 2

  • Something similar just happened to me. Female thing. I guess I will never understand it. Just sit on it, see if she gets back to you. If not, forget it ever happened.

  • You've apparently omitted significant details, my friend. In her explanation, verbatim, tell us why did she end the relationship with you?

    • 1.) We got into a fight that we broke up and she disappeared ( i called her a shit ton of times ) - she said that was the last straw
      2.) she said we do too many drugs together (she asks she is the one with the issue and says it was her fault)

      3.) after fight she made out with a coworker - my reason for flipping out after we broke up, which started the NC by her.

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