I really want him to leave but he has nowhere to go What am I to do?

i want him to leave but he has nowhere to im tired of the physical mental and emotional abuse... i been with him on and off for 6 ,years i can't put up with his shit another yr.i have two children and now 6mos along with another. he doesn't make that much money he's back and fourth to jail and im always there to love support and provide for my children. I want to get away from him because i feel drained and worthless we argue fight call eachother names i just dont want my to young boys around that dysfunctional bullshit!! I just want him out my life for good he also drinks a lot and never want to be home he wants,to hang out and drink he spends the little money he recieves elsewhere. I thought i wanted a family life but thats not the csse its sad that 3 children had to be involed before i relized he is nothing but a headache and heartache he is s fuck up and om tired of being there..to be abused in every way possible.. he lives here and sometimes i wish he just die already!! im confused i just feel bad knowing he has nowhere to go or no money or food... im just so tired i have fallen out of love and,hate him but feels bad..


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  • Him having "nowhere" to go is really his problem and not yours. If he won't just leave, get a restraining order. Is he worth sacrificing yourself or your kids?

    • No he's not worth it i will get a restraining order if he won't just leave.. i just feel bad i wish he just get the picture and go... but that probably won't happen that easy..

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