My ex left me for a co worker that's a down grade, help?

Nothing is helping now, my ex told me recently that she doesn't want to talk to me or hang out with me for a while, and I knew the reason was because she had feelings for a co worker im sure she is Persuing him now because she wants space, she told me before I want you in my life and I still love and care for you then goes cold, I seen pictures on fb of them having fun. I understand I pushed her away a little bit, but how can someone break up and start spending more time with the other man like the break up didn't happen, maybe it's a good thing and she will realize that she had feelings for him because of what she wasn't getting from me at the time, I sm a good person and she knows that she told me im ambitious, strong caring, and I have a lot going on for my self im a positive person and I know women see that and are attracted to the person that I am, I don't think its an attraction problem because I remember when I kissed her she was horny, I just think it's an emotional thing with her, and I hope she figures out that this guy is not for her and see I e Allways been there for her, I hope the no contact will make her miss me and if she sees me improving my self and she's I've Allways been positive still and hold my self up with respect, in a way I hope she comes back to me because I let go of love to see if she comes back and is mine, I would like to get a 2nd chance but I don't know where to go from here it seems like she cut me out of her life without telling me, in my eyes idont think he will ever be half the man I am, and she jumped into the guy so fast, if you break up with someone the best thing to do is give it time and truly let the other person go if you want to start again with someone in the future. i really am hurt but I believe that the person I am is right for her and I just didn't show it to her and pushed her away. I hope it doesn't workout between them because she deserves the best and I say this unselfishly and if it's not with me they have to be a lot be
Please I know what I want and I just need some advice about handling this not Ooo move on and negative things, she's been through a lot her brother recently died and it seems like after the break up the guy she has feelings for she is Pershing him, I don't think it will last but I have to let her do her and do me for a while because I have a feeling she is gonna contact me on her own because I was a good boyfriend we started out as great friends and we have known each other for over 16years
We're both 22, I know the break up I pushed her away and what she was missing from me she had feelings for a co worker as a result, I just hope she figures out what she did to me was wrong and should have been truthful with me and honest, and if she really does love and care for me still, she should have game me that respect and told me, after the break up she told me I don't know if we will get back together maybe we will maybe not and told me she doesn't know what the future holds for us


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  • The only left thing to do
    since you rule out shopping for a replacement (that would get your festering mind off this - like a vacation would)
    is to accept her offer!
    She said (offered) to keep you in her life, she loves you
    prove it!
    Arrange a bi-weekly tets-a-tets with her, be it long lunches or something else where talk & fun are featured w/ anything/anyone that might interrupt this fenced out

    • Yes I will give her, space from the looks of facebook, i can see she is spending more time with the guy she starting to have feelings for and why she is being cold, I guess she just doesn't want to hurt me by telling me the truth. And I don't know if she has strong feelings for me but I guess she still has some negitive emotions from our past and what I didn't give to her, maybe time will help us both but I know what I'm feeling isn't normal, I've been through a lot of heart breaks that was the woman that did me wrong, but this one feels like I will regret if I don't try for the woman even if it is letting her go so she can she what she has lost

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  • Dude, you can't be "left" by your ex. She became you ex because she left you already. Stop wasting your time and just live your life. I don't understand why everyone wants to be friends/hang out with their ex-es. You're either together or not. Everything in between is a waste of time.

    • I understand where ur coming from but being friends is what I wanted so we can build a friendship stronger then or past relationship our problem was communication, and I know for a fact if we were friends again and she is open to starting new she would hall for me again because the man I am, I can see ur thinking but everyone situation is diffrent and you have to understand instead of giving general answers, and being negitive im sure you had your share of pain.

    • How's all that "friendship" working out for ya? I don't mean to be negative or offend you but you're setting yourself up for a lot of pain. She's obviously no longer interested and have moved on and so should you. Either way, good luck.

    • I'm doing no contact, we worked together and she will see me being my normal happy self, attraction is not the problem. I just have to figure out what I'm gonna do when she contacts me again to say hi

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  • If she left you for someone else, she won't come back. Sorry.

    • Lots of negitivity she has not left me for someone els, but she had feelings for a co worker, and she didn't want to be with me knowing that, I understand because the way I pushed her away and made her feel made her feel like she was missing somthing and the result is the down grade guy rebound

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