Ex's new girlfriend made him unfriend me?

My college boyfriend and I broke up years ago bc of distance. It was essentially a year-long break up bc neither of us was really over the other; but by this point, we've made it clear to each other that we're moving on and as time has passed, we barely talk but catch up with each other now and then.

I called him for life choice advice (since it was a continuation of an issue that only he knows I have), and talked about how great it was that we could acknowledge that we were both seeing other people, talk and have it not be weird.

Except a week later I discovered he unfriended me on facebook. I called him to offer to not speak to him again, but he said he really didn't want that - his new girlfriend gets wildly jealous and made him unfriend me.

I'm pretty over it, but I'm super curious about what's going down. Is she crazy? Is he not over me?

Does anyone have any experience w this?


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  • Who cares... You barely talk as you stated anyways. He's obviously respecting his girlfriends wishes


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  • I don't see what's the need for this question. He already made it clear that it's simply because he has a jealous girlfriend. Some people are just jealous creatures---an undesirable personality trait, but it's his girlfriend, so that's his crap to deal with.

    • Need for this question = to find support, as stated above. Imagine losing a friend - doesn't feel good, does it?

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  • My ex's new boyfriend made her unfriend me a while back. So I unfriended her back and haven't talked to her since. Questions?

    • Yeah, were you guys friends beyond facebook after the break up? Did she tell you in adv she was unfriending you? Was she apologetic? Are they still together?

    • No, they're not. Yes, she was somewhat apologetic, but fuck that shit. You are responsible for your own choices, and so was she, so I have no reason to forgive her, and yes, we were facebook friends after the break up, but not after she got a new boyfriend.

  • that's silly in my opinion... sounds like he's bssin him around, and she's jelly as well :/


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  • I wouldn't call her crazy... She's probably just a little insecure. I mean, what kind of insecure person wants to date somebody with connections to their ex? Nobody wants to have their head filled with nightmares of being left for their partner's ex.

    • Lol what kind of person wants to date an insecure person

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    • Fair enough, I guess in new relationships I get insecure about coming off as a crazy jealous controlling bitch 😛

    • Everyone has their insecurities. It's much easier to understand them than condemn them.

  • I wouldn't want my boyfriend talking to his ex about his problems? Like no, you had an intimate relationship with them, that doesn't just go away. I would make him delete you too

    • I guess that's my question: since it doesn't just go away and we talk on the phone etc, what good does unfriending do?

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    • My current boyfriend does exactly that, and I don't have a problem w it, bc I am his girlfriend now and I am secure in that.

      I do leave my ex alone, since he all but asked me to.

      I asked this question bc I just lost a friend, so come down off that high horse.

    • Just understand where this girl is coming from. Not everyone wants their boyfriend talking to their ex all the time. You should respect you wishes and respect their relationship.

  • This happens very often.


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