I pushed my girlfriend away from me and hurt her so bad she can't ever see us getting back together. Will time possibly give me a chance?

So I have dated this girl for 9 months. I was graduating and she wasn't and I was going to go off about 2 hours away for college. The start of our relationship was unlike any other. I have dated a lot of girls but none made me feel this way (she wasn't even my longest relationship) I knew I cared for her a lot but people kept telling me it wouldn't work in college so I believed them. I pushed her away farther and farther and she got closer to another guy. A good friend of hers. Eventually I noticed she seemed to be closer with him that me and would spend more time and when if all of us hung out together I felt kind of ignored. A little while before we broke up though I started to realize I didn't want things to end. I told her I loved her (the first time I ever told any girl that) and she said she loved me too (she had previously said it but I wasn't ready) we said it even when we broke up because I was jealous of how close she was with her friend. After we broke up I knew how much I wanted her back and begged a little. It didn't help so I took some days to do some thinking and when I thought I had my head on straight (it was only a week but I grew a lot and still am) I told her how I felt. I told her I never wanted to give up again and wanted to fight for her (and still do). She said the guy wasn't the reason we broke up but just because she can't trust me and we won't get back together. I stopped talking to her and am giving her time. I have done a lot of thinking in all the time I had. I am working on myself, I am learning to be a better person, and I am trying to move on. I just know that I love this girl and want a second chance to prove to her I can be the guy she deserves. I know contacting her now will do nothing but if I give more time will she possibly change her mind? Would appreciate any thoughts.


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  • As with any situation where love is not reciprocated it's important to realize that you have no control over it. You cannot force her to feel anything and it's a situation beyond your control. It's not your fault either if you tried to fix things and she couldn't accept it. I genuinely believe if she wanted to make it work she would have. Regardless of how much my last ex hurt me and did things wrong I'd take him back in a heartbeat because I love him and I'm sure she would have done the same when she saw how much you cared about her and wanted her. Nobody can tell you if she'll come back. It's not possible to say or determine this but what you can be sure of is that you're doing the right thing by distancing yourself and giving her time. You are doing the right thing by saying you're going to try to move on for now. It's all you can do really. Stay strong and just know if she's not the one there must be someone else out there even more special meant for you.


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  • Only time will tell she doesn't seem to want you back... just yet.


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