Is my ex trying to get me pregnant?

Him and I have been talking recently for two to three months, him and I just recently been fooling around, and the first time we had sex I told him I wasn't on birth control so he put a condom on. Then two weeks later we got together again and he asked me before we had sex again if I was on birth control and I said no! Then we had unprotected sex 3times that night, and I told him I might and think I could be pregnant and he just so calm about it? He says he worried but I don't know, please give me an honest answer!


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  • why have sex without a condom? as a young woman of your age, you should not be so narrow minded to think condoms are only for birth control. I expect this kind of mentality from third world countries, not in our first world. we should know better. if you're not formally together or in a long term relationship then protect yourself from disease such as chlymedia. it's rife in our generation and it is hard to spot because it has no symptons till later in life. please I beg you to protect yourself. sex without a condom is enjoyable but it should be in a trusting long term stable relationship. your boyfriend isn't worried about a condom because most men prefer the sensation without a condom and besides he's not the one who'll be holding the child at the end of the day.

    you want an honest answer, this is it.


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  • morning after pill! they work within 72hrs of unprotected sex!

    my bet would be HELL NO he's not, he's just like most guys and prefers sex without a condom and is secretly praying you won't get pregnant.

  • ohh, I don't know. maybe he likes the feeling with no comdom. that is what my boyfriend likes.

    and we always unprotected. but I am on birth control.

    he always ask if he can get off in me.? :S


    • But were not even together, and I'm not on birth control, do you think a guy would take that chance, cause it a better situation if your boyfriend and girlfriend.

    • Well.. if you guys ain't together you should prob talk too him.. and ask him why his doing this.. and ask him if he wants you back! or somthing..

    • Your right I just need to pucker up and have some courage to do so, thank you!

  • Regardless of what he wants, you should not be having unprotected sex without a condom if you are not ok with it! Sounds like he doesn't care too much, which is probably how he will also feel should you have his baby!


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