Why do guys put up a front?

My ex and I were together for almost a year and the whole time we were together he was always a gentleman and never let me pay for anything. He was doing so good getting his life together and when he talked about the future as a we instead of a me. Well he basically ended things with me and of course I'm still crazy about him

Now that we broke up his brother (who we met through) tells me how he's always been a loser and a gold digger. He apparently tells my ex that he was an idiot for letting me go and my ex never says anything about it. He tells me that my ex does nothing with himself and acts like he has no motivation to get himself together. Like he has no job now and he sleeps all day and is a complete bum

I can't understand why he would put up those front of being such a decent guy for the whole time we were together? I'm not saying I want him back, I just don't understand? Was he really just an asshole/womanizer or was he really trying to become a better guy?


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  • Being a jobless loser doesn't mean he doesn't know how to treat a girl. Besides girls don't get all moist for guys who are jobless,unmotivated and deemed losers by others,he had to show you that aside from those flaws he's not a bad guy. That's assuming he was a good guy though, like he wasn't cheating or stealing your stuff.

    • Well when we were together he wasn't any of those things. he had a job and he worked 6 days a week and he never stole my stuff or cheated, I honestly thought he was too good to be true. but ever since we broke up, it seems like he's just gone downhill...it just made me wonder whether he was always that guy or if he was for real the guy I thought he was

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