Ex Girlfriend Wants To Catch Up... Why?

I'll summarize this one up real quick. I was with my Ex-Girlfriend for 2 years. During the last 5 months of the relationship I saw her interest level dropping and she was less excited to spend the time with me and more with her friends, all the signs were indicating after a while that she might be interested in someone else, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt.

After a while when I saw that she's showing almost zero interest, I confronted her about it, she took that opportunity to breakup with me and to my (not so surprise) was going out with a guy within 3 weeks, when I confronted her about, she denied that he was the reason she broke up with me.

I had enough of it at that point, I wished her well and exited her life completely. It's been a year since I last heard from her, to my surprise I got an E-Mail from her, it said "Hey it's (her name). I don't know if you use this email, but I am going to give it a try anyway, if you don't want anything to do with me, then don't reply to this email and I apologize for disturbing you. I just wanted to ask, how's life and all that. Hope to hear from you soon, if not, its okay also".

I replied to it the next day "I am fine, thank you for asking. I have to ask, what do you wish to achieve by getting in touch with me now?" to which she replied back saying "nothing, I am not wishing to achieve anything, just wanted to see how you are that's all" If I am being honest, I smell B. S here.

Through a mutual friend, I found out that the she is no longer together with the guy she broke up with me for, also she's going out with another guy now, he also showed me the pictures of the new guy and her together, looking at the pictures, I think even the blind person can tell that they are a couple now.

I guess my question is this, what was the point of sending me the email in the first place, when you weren't even interested in reconciling. I did not respond to her second email. I think I gave her a chance to come clean.
Ex Girlfriend Wants To Catch Up... Why?
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