My ex girlfriend is still wearing our engagement ring!?

By engagement ring I just want to add that it was more in a symbolic way. We wanted to get married but not in the near future...

We were together for 5 years and we broke up almost 2 years ago. She got herself a new boyfriend and they've been together for 1 year... He is 33 and he got a child (if that should have any influence on your answers hehe) She is 21 and I am 23...

We didn't really keep contact.. I just meet her 2 months ago just to catch up and talk about our "new" life hehe :o) (She asked me if I wanted to talk)

So the thing is. I notice she is wearing our old engagement... She tells me she got my name erased inside the ring... But still.. That's kinda weird right!?!? :) What do you girls think..? She told me she just kept it cause she thought it was pretty... But I bet she got many other rings which is just as pretty as this ring hehe...

I'm just curious why?.. Is it only me who think it is a bit strange..?

Btw. I got myself a girl so it is not because I am hoping she will come back to me or anything hehe :o)


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  • Yeah it's kinda weird but if she moved on I think there's no reason for you to think about it anymore . Two years is a long time maybe she's telling the truth .


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  • Mate, no offence to girls, but they are weird, they have this weird obsession with jewlery, clothes, handbags etc etc if they like it there's no stopping them buying it, wearing it, licking it etc etc.

    You get the point.

    She just really like it, can't blame her she probably choose it..

    If she didn't then you have some awesome taste and should use that to your advantage. Hope your new relationship is destined for a happier future!