What does it mean when a guy goes out of his way to say hi?

OK so this guy and I aren't really involved..we sleep together sometimes,but that's it.

Well today we happened to be going to the same place and I guess he noticed I was following him afterwards(I was going to my house)and so he stopped in front of my house:o so I went around and parked my car. I thought he was going to come up the door but he didn't. Finally,when I didn't come out,(I had to walk through the house to get to the front. grr)he left!

I then sent him a text asking him if he wanted something,he said no.

So what was that about? Did he come all this way just to see me?

thanks for your input.


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  • yeah he wanted to see you

    • Ha! I knew it! Why do guys always deny it? lol

      Anyways,thanks for answering:)

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